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  • The iPad Mini 4: What You Haven't Heard
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Have you heard about the iPad Mini 4? No? Well, you wouldn’t be the only one. Even though Apple recently released this updated version of the Mini, it was released with a mere whisper. This is kind of a shame, though, since the Mini 4 is actually a great little iPad that you might dig if you are an iPad fan.

The Upgrades

A lot of reviewers are comparing the iPad Mini 4 with the iPad Air 2 only with a smaller screen, and that’s essentially what you’ll get. But, there are a few unique upgrades happening too. Those updates are directly associated with the thinness of this iPad. The iPad Mini 4 is roughly 18% thinner than the iPad Air 2, and the screen is also smaller coming in at 7.9 (retina display).

Weight wise, the iPad Mini 4 is just .65 pounds too, which means that it’s easier to carry around than the iPad Air 2 (even though the Air wasn’t exactly hard to carry to begin with). The other difference here is that the screen reaches the absolute edges, so there’s no gap between the screen and the edge of the actual device. This matters if you want more screen and the new design is also why this iPad appears to have a more vivid display.

The Best There Is?

Arguably, the iPad is still the best tablet on the market. While some people will staunchly disagree with that statement, it’s tough to pick up another tablet after using an iPad and find the same fluidity. Of course there are many tablet options available, but none seem to come close to what Apple is offering. But should you fork over money for the newest iPad or stick with an older one? Will it make a difference if you pick the Air 2 instead of the newest Mini 4?

It pretty much boils down to whether or not you are looking solely for a lightweight tablet, and what you want out of that tablet. If your goal is a brighter and better screen, a tablet that comes in a golden color (yep, this one comes in that rose gold too), and is the latest possible version of something that was already great, the iPad Mini 4 is probably a good purchase for you. If not, you can stick with the Air 2 and be just as happy with it.

Pricing and Availability

If you like the way that the new Mini sounds, you can pick one up starting at $399. This Mini comes with everything inside of it that the Air 2 has as well, so there’s really no difference there either. The change really comes with the size and weight of the new tablet, and, of course, that gold color that’s now available with various Apple devices. After the $399 starting price, the tablet increases in price slightly to $499 (64GB), and then to $599 (128GB).

As far as where to get it, the usual culprits apply - Best Buy, the Apple Store, online through Apple, Amazon, and various other places. Basically, anywhere that Apple products are sold should be showcasing the new Mini 4. So, even though a big fuss wasn’t made about this tablet when it was released, it’s still one of the best options out there when it comes to a tablet - and it would make a nice holiday gift too!