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  • The iPad: Two Years and Still Going Strong
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Apple introduced the iPad on January 27th, 2010 – two years ago Friday. Not only did this device rock the technology world with quick sales and surpassing projections, but the iPad created a whole new category of devices: the tablet. Apple’s iPad can teach both reviewers and investors a valuable lesson when it comes to new devices. That lesson is simply: don’t be so quick to judge a device that doesn’t look or act like all the rest.

Time and again, Apple has created devices that stand out from the crowd. While the creation of such devices worries conservative investors and causes some reviewers to laugh mockingly, the truth of the matter is that innovation is the cornerstone of any technology company. Apple, clearly, is no exception to this rule. Today, the iPad still stands strong and many other companies have been attempting to compete with this device for the past two years (though many have failed).

Making the iPad Tick

Since it’s the nearly the anniversary of the iPad (off by one day), waxing poetic about Apple’s accomplishments seems justified. On that note, it’s easy to say that Apple has the right formula when it comes to making the iPad better as the years progress. Rumors fly daily regarding the launch of the iPad 3 and those who haven’t tested the iPad waters yet often find that they can’t live without this device once part of everyday life. So, what is it that makes the iPad tick? Is it a great looking device, an unbeatable OS, or the fact that the iPad is the device to purchase? It’s all of these things, but it’s also the fact that Apple just keeps innovating.

Apple is one company that truly listens to consumer complaints and suggestions (though, to be fair, Google does a good job of this too). A consumer-based marketing plan is what Apple’s best at and the company never puts out an unfinished project (unlike competitors such as RIM). While it might take Apple awhile to come out with a new iPad, consumers who have tested the Apple waters know that the newest addition to the iPad family will be a solid one that’s even better than the last.

Some Competitors Creeping

As mentioned, lots of iPad competitors have been blown out of the water while the iPad just keeps on growing in popularity. However, there are some companies that aim to compete with the iPad. Android aside, Microsoft is slowly creeping up on Apple. For quite awhile, Microsoft was rather quite, but the company has recently created Windows 8 and this might be enough to trump the iPad – well, the iPad 2, at least.

There’s no telling what Apple might come out with when the company finally reveals the iPad 3 (some sources state the new iPad is already in production).

Needles to say, it will be interesting to see if the iPad remains supreme within the tablet world. Perhaps even more interestingly, it’s amazing to note that the iPad has only been around for two years, yet this tablet already seems like a permanent fixture within the technology world.