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  • Can an iPad Really Replace Your Laptop?
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If you’re shopping for a laptop, you might be wondering whether or not you can just buy an iPad. The iPad has come a long way since its first release, and this tablet really is packed with lots of goodies. But, how does an iPad stack up to an actual laptop? There are definite advantages to working with an iPad. There are also some disadvantages. I break down both below.

Reasons Why iPads Rule

The first obvious reason is price. An iPad will set you back around $500. A new laptop can cost $500+. If you are shopping the MacBook line, a new laptop will cost you $1000+. Another good reason to choose an iPad is size. It’s possible to drop an iPad in nearly any bag and be on your way. Laptops require special bags, or at least backpacks that are large enough to handle laptop heft. It’s also hard to ignore the app factor. With an iPad, you can purchase apps quite easily through the App Store. Now, this is also true if you purchase an Apple laptop, but not the case with any other laptop brand.

The iPad also has a longer battery life than an average laptop. This might be a selling point if you travel a lot and need something that will run for more than two hours on a battery. All of these things considered, the iPad isn’t necessarily an ideal laptop replacement for a few good reasons.

Reasons Why You May Want to Keep Your Laptop

Even though the iPad is great in so many ways, this tablet has a small screen. For those who really work on-screen, staring at a small screen all day can have serious eye consequences. It’s also true that the iPad has a touchscreen keyboard, and this takes a lot of getting used to. You can buy a separate keyboard to go along with your iPad (and there are a lot of good ones out there), but you will still have that small screen problem.

While many laptops no longer come with an optical drive, this is also the case with the iPad. You can always find a laptop that comes with an optical drive if you need once, but running a CD on your new tablet won’t be a possibility. It’s also worth pointing out that some iPad models don’t have USB ports. If you find that you use your USB port often, a tablet is not the route to go.

Who May Benefit From iPad Use

If you have to choose between the two, select a laptop if you work on your computer a great deal. If you’re on the go and just want something to surf the Internet occasionally, download some apps, create a few presentations, and store much needed data (like medical or other data), the iPad is a good choice. Of course, there are also many other tablets on the market that are also optimal. Can an iPad really replace everyone’s laptop? It really depends on what you do with your online time. The iPad is a great tool, but it does have its limits.