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  • iPad VS. iPad Mini: Which One Should Be On Your Holiday List?
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Apple did something sneaky yesterday. The company unveiled an iPad Mini and a new iPad. Why was this sneaky? Apple already released a new iPad earlier this year. Hopefully, you won’t be stuck holding both or yearning for the latest one. Don’t have an iPad yet? Make sure to read this comparative article before you buy one. You may find that the iPad Mini is worth that higher price.

What the New Mini’s Got

Really, the iPad Mini is all about size. You can carry this tablet with one hand, use it with one hand, and stick it in a coat pocket. The Mini also weighs almost half of what the regular iPad weighs (4th generation). There’s also the price factor. The iPad Mini costs nearly $170 less than the iPad. The Mini’s screen is smaller (7.9-inches), the pixels per inch are smaller (163), and the processor is smaller (Apple A5). So, in a word, the Mini is smaller. In this case, though, small is a good thing – if you like portability.

The New iPad’s Got Spunk Too

Smaller isn’t always better, though. If you aren’t into small screens, the new iPad has a screen that spans 9.7-inches. This iPad also has 264 pixels per inch; an A6X processor; and weighs 23 ounces. If you’re wondering what’s different about this iPad as compared to the older model, it’s that A6X processor. The new iPad also comes with a Lightning connector (Apple’s new connector). You will pay for this iPad though, since it begins at $499. So, how are the Mini and new iPad the same?

Similarities Between the Mini and iPad

Both the iPad and the iPad Mini run iOS 6; come in 16, 32, or 64GB; have 10-hours of battery life; come in black, white, or slate; have rear and front-facing cameras; and Bluetooth connectivity. As you can see, these tablets have a lot in common. What you’re really comparing here is the size of the processor and the size of the actual tablet. So, it comes down to this question: do you want a tablet that you can carry in one hand or do you want something full-screen?

Not sure how to hash it out? Consider what you want to do with your tablet. If you like to read books and site pages, it may help you to know that the size of the average paperback book is 4.3 X 7-inches. If you need a tablet for work or you want to watch movies on something portable, those 7.9-inches might seem small after awhile. Then again, 9-inches isn’t a heck of a lot bigger.

Start by narrowing down what you want to do with your new tablet, and then think about whether or not that smaller size will bug you. Then, consider whether or not you need a faster processor. Of course, the price difference will come into play too. There’s no doubt that Apple’s new products will be hot this holiday season. Whether the new iPad or the iPad Mini, Apple has a lot of tablets to offer!