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  • What Your iPhone 4 Can Do
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There’s a problem with the iPhone – what? There’s a problem with the iPhone? – is that the newest iPhone is never new for very long. Apple knows how to keep the iPhone buzz rolling by introducing a new iPhone shortly after the latest one has arrived on the consumer scene. Why is this a problem?

Nobody likes to be left behind. That’s why millions of people line up for the latest iPhone each time Apple releases a new version. Sadly, many people rarely take the time to understand the iPhone that they currently have. There’s lots of anticipation surrounding the release of the iPhone 5, but do you really know your iPhone 4?

The Simple Home Button

The home button seems so innocent, so simple. Yet, the home button can do so many different things! Tap the button once to return to your home screen from anywhere or to pull up the search screen. Tap the button twice to access all of your open apps, close apps, or access apps that are in use quickly.

While your screen is locked, you can double tap the home button to pull up iPhone functions. You can even tap the home button three times to activate your phone’s voice command features (choose this option under “settings”). Have you tried all of these things? If not, give the home button one, two, or three taps to see what this powerful little button can do.

Track Things

Did you know that your iPhone can be tracked? Not only can you track your phone, but you can also track your sleep patterns, morning walks, run, and so much more with the right apps. You can do all of this without buying special shoes, additional accessories or anything else. Of course, if you want to buy accessories, Apple has plenty of those to go around!

Email Things

Some Android users often complain that emailing photos is difficult. This isn’t the case with the iPhone. As soon as you snap a photo, you will be presented with the option to email that photo. If you have your personal email account configured, you can send any photo to any email address with ease.

You can even post photos directly to Facebook and other social media platforms. Nothing is difficult when the iPhone 4 is near -- even turning your phone sideways to view a movie or website better.


There’s a reason why Apple iPhones are so popular. Apple makes life simple. Using the iPhone is simple, understanding how it works is simple – there’s nothing confusing or brain-wracking about this phone. But, one bit of advice: even if the new iPhone 5 is the best thing the world has ever seen, keep in mind that your iPhone 4 can do a lot.

Also, remember that the iPhone 6 won’t be too far behind the release of the much hyped iPhone 5. So, get to know your iPhone while you can. Look at our site for more information about these phones, and explore your phone when you have a chance. There’s a lot more to the iPhone than simply being caught up with the latest fad!