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  • Uh-Oh: Apple Facing iPhone 4S Troubles
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For a long time leading up to the release of the iPhone 4S, the world was abuzz with iPhone rumours. What would the phone look like? What would be different about the new phone? Would Apple finally unveil the iPhone 5? Even though Apple didn’t introduce the iPhone 5, Apple’s newest offering (the iPhone 4S) did gain a large amount of applause.

As with any other newly released Apple products, millions of the iPhone 4S smartphones were purchased right away. With lines stretching around street blocks, Apple fans thought that the 4S was the answer to many an Apple dream. Backed by the innovative artificial intelligence program Siri, the iPhone 4S couldn’t go wrong – or could it?

Problems, Problems, Problems

Now that the iPhone 4S has been on the market for a few weeks, many consumers are pointing out the phone’s shortcomings. At first, reports of an unresponsive Siri (the program doesn’t understand some accents and has a hard time with certain languages) circulated. Then, reports that the iPhone 4S battery life was laughable began to shake tech blogs everywhere. To be fair, most smartphone have a very poor battery life, but people expected more from the iPhone 4S.

Seemingly, the 4S comes with a battery that can only last for a few hours on one charge. No doubt, this is frustrating for people who want to use the 4S for an entire day. There are many reasons why the 4S battery is so weak, and most of those reasons have to do with iOS 5. In order to combat these problems, people from all around the world have been toying with the 4S to see whether one adjustment or another will help boost battery life.

Some Possible Solutions

One user sent a message to the well-known technical blog Mashable. This user suggested that the 4S can live on one battery charge for a longer period of time if the “location services” feature is turned off. This may work for some people, and many around the world are currently attempting to turn this feature off in order to extend battery life. Of course, there are other ways that users can extend the life of an iPhone 4S battery.

These basic remedies include turning off WiFi roaming whenever you leave a WiFi zone, dimming your screen, and closing all of those apps on a regular basis. If you leave apps open, you will be sucking the juice from your battery. Likewise, a smartphone that is constantly searching for WiFi is a smartphone that’s bound to run low battery-wise. Aside from these fast fixes, Apple is currently addressing consumer issues.

Looking Ahead

Nobody can be entirely sure why Apple decided to introduce the iPhone 4S instead of a brand new iPhone 5. Some might speculate that Apple made this move in order to test the waters, so to speak. Now that Apple knows that Siri was received well and that the 4S needs a better battery life, it is possible that Apple will take these things into considering before introducing the iPhone 5.

There’s no doubt that Apple is listening to consumer complaints right now. There’s also no doubt that Apple will fine tune the iPhone 5, fix all of the known problems, and introduce the new phone when all of the 4S glitches have been worked out.