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  • iPhone 4S Is Hungry For Data
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If you own an iPhone 4S, you may already know that this phone uses up a lot of data. If you’re thinking about buying an iPhone 4S, you may want to learn more about this phone before you place that order. While the 4S comes with the ever-popular Siri and includes a magnificent camera, this friendly little phone will also cost you when it comes to your data (partially due to the loveable Siri).

New research has shown that the 4S uses up two times more data than the iPhone 4. Why? The reasons why the 4S uses more data are vast, but this used up data can be attributed to the various apps and program 4S users have access to. A phone that uses up more data can cost you more money (unless you find an amazing wireless plan, that is), and this isn’t something that first-time 4S users were banking on.

The 4S: Ahead of its Time

Every iPhone since the first iPhone has taken more data than the last. The iPhone 4 consumed more data than the 3G and now the 4S is taking more data than the 4. One reason behind this massive data consumption is that developers are creating more power-hungry apps and videos that consumers are quickly downloading. This, in turn, puts a lot of pressure on carriers to perform at top speeds and with pure dedication.

Some researchers believe that at the rate Apple iPhones are moving, carriers may not be able to keep up. If the next generation of iPhone takes even more data than the current generation, carriers may be caught off guard. Not only will mobile networks have a hard time keeping up with evolving technology, but iPhone users will begin to see a disturbing trend too: smartphone bills will increase while battery power decreases.

Battery Life Impact

Logically, when a phone uses more data, that phone’s battery life will decrease. It’s simply not possible to use a lot of data and still have maximum battery power. This means that iPhone 4S users will spend a lot of time charging their phones. Then again, it depends on the user. Some users simply download more data usurping apps than other users. Chances are that those people who have upgraded form the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S are also the types of people who will demand a lot from the iPhone 4S.
So, if you own a 4S, is it possible not to use too much data? The best way to get around wasting data is to consider what you are downloading before you download it. If you want to watch a video, think about using a different device to accomplish this task.

If you want to download apps that consume lots of data, think twice before installing these apps. When it comes to Siri, there’s nothing much that you can do other than to avoid using Siri often. Then again, the whole point of the 4S is to use Siri, so that’s really not a viable solution to the data problem. Of course, you can always contact your carrier to find a better data plan, but keep in mind that carriers want you to use lots of data, so do your research before you make that phone call.