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  • The iPhone 5S: What to Expect
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New news about the iPhone 5S has hit the tech street this morning. The word is that the new phone will be a slight upgrade from its predecessor, but don't hold your breath for a completely different device. Apple's iPhone 5 was released in September of 2012, and now the company feels that it's time for an upgrade. Here is what you can expect from the iPhone 5S.

Faster and Better

One of the current complaints about the iPhone 5 is that it's not fast. Well, Apple plans on fixing that problem by installing a faster processor. Details about this processor haven't been revealed yet, but the phone will be a good deal quicker than the previous iPhone 5. In addition to a faster processor, the new iPhone will come with a better camera that includes higher megapixels. So, you'll have a phone that's faster with an even better camera.

When the iPhone 5 hit markets, the general reaction to the phone was mediocre. Even though iPhone enthusiasts lined up to get the phone, most consumers skipped the launch altogether. Later, those who did purchase the iPhone 5 enjoyed the phone, but weren't blown away by it. Now, the iPhone 5S promises to pick up where the older iPhone left off.

Bigger Screen and Longer Battery?

What iPhone fans really want is a bigger screen. There's no saying that Apple isn't working on a bigger screen, but that news hasn't been reported yet. As mentioned, the only things that have been uncovered are the processing speed and camera. It has been said that the new iPhone 5S won't come with any major changes, so it's unlikely that the actual size of the screen will be altered.

How about a longer battery life? That's the other complaint that current iPhone users have. Again, there's no news about a better battery from the Apple front right now. But, we can cross our fingers and hope. If your smartphone contract is running out, you might want to sit tight until Apple announces the new iPhone 5S.

Release Date and Other Details

The last time around, Apple waited until September to launch the iPhone 5. Usually, Apple launches products in October, but you never know. An official launch date hasn't been set up yet, though you can expect news and announcements later this summer.

Should you switch to the iPhone 5S when it arrives? The problem is that Apple tends to update its products rather quickly, so a switch to the 5S may mean disappointment when a newer version of the phone arrives just months later. However, the only version of the iPhone that's currently in the works is the 5S.

So, if your contract is running out and you need a new phone, you might want to check out the 5S when it arrives. The 5S won't be a huge stretch from the 5, but it will have a faster processor, better camera, and other updates. Unfortunately, it will still have the lightning adaptor, so keep that in mind when shopping.