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Sleep. It’s something that most people don’t get enough of. There are all kinds of reasons why sleep is hard to come by. Some people battle too much stress during the day. Other people do not get enough exercise. Others still simply can’t sleep for a myriad of reasons. Fighting fatigue on a daily basis is, well, tiring.

Got sleep problems? There’s an app for that. PZizz is an app for iPhone that consumers and reviewers alike have been raving about. PZizz developers claim that this app will put you to sleep calmly and quickly. Consumers who use this app claim that they’ve never slept better.

What It Does

PZizz is comprised of many different audio tracks. Some of these tracks include soothing music and voices. The idea is to help you drift into sleep while occupying your mind with nothing but sleep-geared noises. While the idea behind this app may seem a bit strange, the truth is that PZizz is based upon real science.

Study after study has shown that forgetting about the trouble’s of one’s day will lead to peaceful sleep. Of course, this is easier said than done for most people. Along the lines of hypnosis, PZizz lulls users into a deep sleep. The app is, for many, effective.

PZizz Energize

The makers of PZizz didn’t stop at putting you to sleep for an entire evening. Instead, these developing wizards created PZizz Energize. This app is different than the regular PZizz app, though the two are related. PZizz Energize aims to give you the best cat nap of your life.

Once again, PZizz Energize is based upon science. Science dictates that twenty minute cat naps are the most effective. So, PZizz puts you to sleep quickly, helps you sleep calmly, and then slowly wakes you up after a twenty minute slumber. Those who have tried the app claim that they wake feeling refreshed and ready to work. As of this writing, we at R-TT have not yet tested this app.


It’s easy to wind up with a big app bill at the end of any month. The occasional ninety-nine cent purchase throughout the month can equate a high bill. That’s why most people choose cheap or free apps. When it first hit the app market, PZizz was an inexpensive ninety-nine cent app.

Now that the app has gained a following, PZizz is around $5. We’re going to recommend that you download this app if you have a very hard time falling asleep. If you are a light or casual sleep, you may not want to pay $5 for an app. Then again, it’s worth trying if you have the money to throw around.

As far as PZizz Energize goes, this app is only $0.99. Taking a cat nap every afternoon may help you when it comes to productivity. Taking a twenty minute timed and tested cat nap is sure to be a good thing. If you’re tempted to give it a shot, find a quiet corner of your office, a coat or blanked, and download PZizz Energize. You may just wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle that stack of work sitting on your desk.