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  • How to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer
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Oh, Apple. When will you make an iPhone that doesn't run out of juice quickly? It seems like I'm always plugging my iPhone in to recharge, and I'm betting that you have the same issue. Fear not, though, because there are some ways that you can make your battery last longer.

Take a look below.

Location Services: tagging locations can be fun when you're using an app like Instagram. But, location tagging is also battery draining. If you want to help extend your battery life, turn off those location tracking services.

Push Notifications: can't stand it when someone posts to Facebook without your knowledge? Do you want to see every email message that you get right away? That lust for instant gratification will also drain your battery. While it's hard to get rid of all push notifications, you can be selective.

Check your features: the newest iPhones come with a lot of amazing features, but my suggestion is that you go through and choose which features you really need to have turned on at all times.

Games: do you play Candy Crush all day long? Sure, games like this one are fun, but they will also cause your battery to drain faster than a vampire drains its victims.

Brightness: like a bright screen? Just like a laptop, your iPhone will quickly run out of juice if you keep the screen at maximum brightness. Turn that light down a bit if you want to make sure that your battery won't run out fast.

WiFi: while connect to WiFi will help you in the long run, letting your phone search for WiFi constantly is a battery-draining feature. Turn off those WiFi settings when you know that you won't be near any WiFi, and you'll have a happier and longer-lasting phone.

Stop the refresh: background apps will automatically refresh in iOS7. You can change this setting by going into your settings app and simply turning the refresh off. This is a great feature, but not necessarily battery friendly!

Get rid of some apps: do you have so many apps on your screen that you can barely remember which ones you actually use or like? If this is the case, it's time to do some shredding. Get rid of some of those apps, and you will help your battery out.

Close your apps: when you're done with your phone, close your apps and lock your phone. Leaving apps running is a certain battery drain.

Other Helpful Tips

Essentially, if something is automated or makes your iPhone life simpler, it's best to be selective. Sure, all of those features and apps are great, but you'll find that your battery drains rather quickly if you aren't careful.

It's also interesting to note that Apple didn't say much in the way of battery life when introducing the newest iPhones - I wonder why that is? Maybe it's because the newest iPhones come with some amazing features...that reduce battery time to a minimum.

Got any other iPhone battery conservation tips? Sound off below!