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  • How to Extend Your iPhone's Battery Life
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The one complaint that many iPhone users share is that the iPhone simply doesn’t hold a battery charge that long.

Regardless of the time a charge is supposed to last, iPhone seem to spend more time hooked up to chargers than in use. While annoying, there are some things that you can do to extend your iPhone’s battery life.

Uninstalling Things

Facebook happens to be one of the biggest download offenders, and having Facebook on your phone will drain your battery life. Even if the app is not in use, it will still drain your battery. Why this happens is somewhat unclear, though. Facebook was called out at some point last year for allowing their app to run in the background even when not in use, which effectively drained batteries.

Facebook claims to have fixed the problem, but recently it has been discovered that simply uninstalling the app will save up to 15% of battery life on an iPhone - and nearly 20% of battery life on an Android phone. That’s something to think about if you have Facebook and are constantly charging your phone’s battery. If you can’t live without Facebook, you can simply go to the social site through Safari. You don’t need the app.

Uninstalling Other Things

Just like Facebook, there are other apps that run silently in the background and drain phone batteries. Facebook just happens to be the most hated of these apps, which is why the company is always in the spotlight when it comes to articles such as this one. Any app that runs in the background will drain your battery. Now, most apps promise that they do not run when they are not open, but this isn’t always the case.

You can test out this theory by uninstalling a few apps for a week, and then reinstalling those same apps to see whether or not your phone lasts longer during the times that the apps were not installed. Chances are that you’ll find a few apps (not just Facebook) that do drain your iPhone battery.

Other Culprits

In addition to battery sucking apps, there are other reasons why your iPhone battery isn’t lasting that long. One of those reasons might be that your screen resolution is too high. If you look at your phone at night while in your bedroom, do you wake up the neighborhood with the light coming from your phone? If it hurts your eyes in the dark or wakes people up, your phone is probably way too bright.

Another reason why your battery might drain quickly is BlueTooth. Is your BlueTooth always on? Turning it off will save some battery life. The same goes for your WiFi. When your phone is constantly looking for WiFi, your battery will start to drain. In fact, the same logic applies to any kind of location based search that your phone might do automatically.

Basically, if your phone is working all the time, your battery will become low. So while apps like Facebook might claim to shut down when not in use, this may not (and doesn’t seem to be) be the case. Try deleting some of those apps, using Safari instead, and seeing whether or not your phone lasts longer.