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  • Find My iPhone: Why You Need This Tool
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Think back to the day that you got your Apple device. Now, think about the first time you logged on to iTunes. Remember the “Find My iPhone” screen that popped up? This screen asks all new users to sign up for the Find My iPhone service. But, if you are like most other new users, you probably skipped this step.
Don’t despair; most people skip the Find My iPhone step. We’re simply just too anxious to start using our iPhones to care about the extra setup.

Thankfully, you can reconfigure this handy tool by heading to your iTunes account, and looking for the Find My iPhone setup help (really, it only takes a few moments). So, why would anyone want to use the Find My iPhone tool? Well, why wouldn’t you?

What Happens If Your Phone Is Stolen?

Say, for example, that your iPhone is stolen. Now what? Well, a stolen iPhone situation is a tricky one. You can use the Find My iPhone tool to track down your phone, wipe all user settings from your phone, and send messages to your phone. Getting rid of all of your information before a thief can use it is a great way to protect your identity.

There’s just one problem. In order for the Find My iPhone tool to work, your phone has to be on. Now, most savvy thieves know better than to leave an iPhone on after snagging it. Then again, not all thieves are smart thieves. So, it’s best to set up the Find My iPhone feature. You never know if you are going to need it.

A Misplaced Phone

Sometimes phones are stolen. Sometimes we get caught up in life’s interesting moments and leave our phones on cafГ© tables and on bus seats. When this happens, you can cross your fingers that a perfect stranger will go through your phone, find out who it belongs to, and track you down. Or, you could just activate the Find My iPhone feature.

With this feature, you can send out an iPhone alert in the form of an alarm (in case your phone is really underneath your couch cushions). You can also send a message to whoever has your phone (“please return my phone to ____”), or you can simply track your phone from your home computer.

Without Find My iPhone Feature

Must we say it? Without the Find My iPhone feature, your phone will be lost for good. If you can’t imagine what life would be like without your iPhone, don’t take a chance. Losing your iPhone is never a good thing. Getting your iPhone stolen simply bites. Neglecting to set up the Find My iPhone feature is really just a matter of laziness.

Apple has made the Find My iPhone feature available to all Apple device users. Whether you have an iPad, iPhone, or other Apple device, this is one feature that you don’t want to avoid using. Sure, it takes an extra minute or two to set up the Find My iPhone feature, but those extra two seconds could be well worth your time.