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  • Apple's Newest 8GB iPhone 5C
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Apple has a new 5C available. This one is 8GB. But, you won’t find it in North America. The newest addition to Apple’s iPhone empire is only available in the UK, China, and Australia.

The 8GB 5C retails for approximately $60 less than the current version too. What gives? Why isn’t Apple selling this phone in North America?

In the Future

It is estimated that the phone will arrive in the United States relatively soon (and hopefully in Canada too). If we can guess by the current pricing in the UK (around 420 Pounds sans contract), the phone would retail for around $499 in the U.S. The new 5C is exactly like the old 5C, only this one comes with 8GB. So, why did Apple bother releasing a new version of the phone?

Typically, Apple releases an updated version of a phone just after the latest release. Those releases tend to come with changes, though. This time around, Apple has just made a lesser and cheaper phone. No changes to the phone can be found. The logic behind this is that Apple is giving the 5C a second try. Seemingly, sales of the 5C fell rather short of expectations. Instead of scrapping the idea completely, Apple is trying to sell a cheaper version of the phone. I’m not sure Steve Jobs would have approved.

Watering It Down

Apple has long released products that are more expensive but better built (yes, I’m an Apple fan). But, that was when Steve Jobs was at the helm. Now, the company smells of desperation. Releasing a cheaper phone that has no changes isn’t necessarily a good thing. It is, however, a plea to consumers to buy the cheaper phone because the more expensive ones just aren’t selling. It’s a tough choice, too, deciding between the latest Apple iPhone releases.

The 5C (16 GB) isn’t a stellar phone. It is an update and improvement over any iPhone 4 or 4S model, but it’s nothing to write home about. If you don’t want to buy the cheaper plastic 5C, you’re stuck moving on up to the 5S, which is significantly more expensive. There’s the problem. If you’re a die-hard iPhone fan, there’s little choice between the 5S and the 5C.

The 5S is just a better phone. Now there’s a third phone in the mix that doesn’t offer anything the 5C already didn’t offer. The 5S is still a better phone. Adding in an additional 5C just waters down the iPhone brand. It’s not a move that Apple should make.

Cheap Phone With Contract

The reality is that consumers are still stuck in phone contracts. There’s no kind of investment to be made on a phone that won’t be worth anything in two years. But, consumers aren’t willing to be stuck with a really cheap phone for two years either. Will the new 5C sell? I’m doubtful. In this reviewer’s opinion, the new 5C will sit on the shelves along with the old one while consumers keep buying the 5S – or move to Android.