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  • Tech Tips: Delete Multiple Photos Simultaneously On Your iPhone
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You've uploaded all of your iPhone photos to your computer (and hopefully backed them up!), and now you need a way to erase all of those photos from your iPhone. You can go through and check each photo one-by-one until they have all been deleted, or you can opt for an easier route.

1 iPhone Multiple Photo Deletion

2 Tap on the 'Photos' app.

3 Tap on the 'Albums' option at the bottom of the screen.

4 Tap the 'Edit' button.

Select all of the photos that you want to delete by tapping on each one (should take mere minutes), and then hit the 'Delete' button to get rid of all those photos.

1 Choose the 'Delete Everywhere' option.

'Now, your photos will be stored in your iCloud or on your computer (maybe both).

3 Still Not Deleted?

If you find that your photos have been removed from your camera roll but are still in your library, you can further remove those photos by using iTunes. Here's how:

1 Open up iTunes

2 'Select your device from the 'Devices' option screen

3 Go to the 'Photos' option

4 Deselect all the folders that you want to remove

5 Click the 'Sync' button

All of your photos should now be gone. Just remember to back up your photos in some way prior to deletion.

Ways to Back Up Photos

You can use Apple's iCloud to back up your photos, or you can back them up using a storage drive, USB, or other option. Another way to back up your photos is to use Dropbox. Dropbox will automatically add all of your new photos to your Dropbox account whenever you plug your phone or tablet into your computer.

There's the question of privacy that comes to mind when you use a cloud-based service like iCloud or Dropbox, but it's up to you to decided if you trust these services or not. You can always go the tried and true storage device route, and we have lots of great storage articles and reviews on this site that you can check out to get an idea of what you should be looking for.

The New iPhone

Will the new iPhone make it simpler for users to get rid of multiple photos in one swift move? Maybe; it's certainly a feature that many iPhone users would love to have, that's for sure. While connecting to iTunes in order to delete photos may seem like a pain, it's a great way to wipe photos completely from your phone.

Why bother getting rid of photos on your phone? Because photos take up storage space, and storage is limited. How much space? Here's how to find out:

1 Tap your 'Settings' app.

2 Choose 'General Settings

3 Select 'Usage.

You will now see a list of all the apps on your device, and how much space each of those apps is taking up. Take a look at your photo app. Are your photos taking up a ton of space? If so, it's time to back them up. A word to the wise, too, iPhones may seem resistant, but yours could die a slow death, and that means losing your photos for good!