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  • The New iPhone SE
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A number of iPhone 5S users had a really hard time switching to the larger iPhone 6 options. Some iPhone users didn’t switch at all and are still hanging onto the 5S. If you were one of those users that didn’t want a wallet-sized phone, now you have another choice. Apple has just announced a revamped version of the 5S called the iPhone SE.

The Smaller SE

Apple answered the call of those that wanted a smaller and newer iPhone that was also less expensive with the new SE. The iPhone SE has everything that you’d want in an iPhone including a metal body, a 4-inch screen, and Apple’s popular fingerprint ID. The phone will also come in all the popular iPhone colors including white, black, and rose gold.

So, really, Apple hasn’t added anything new or mind-blowing to the new iPhone. But, really, that’s what Apple users wanted. Some people just prefer a smaller phone, and Apple was regularly moving in larger and larger directions. Choosing to create a smaller phone that is modeled after the 5S but is just an updated version of that phone is exactly what many Apple users have been waiting for.

Performance of the SE

Apple can’t release a phone (no matter how much it looks like an older phone) that doesn’t have some improvements over previous models. The SE has four times the graphics power, double the processing power, and has a longer battery life (this last one will make all iPhone users rejoice).

Technically speaking, the SE comes with Apple’s A9 processor, a 12-megapixel camera, and a NFC chip. Apple has clearly borrowed bits and pieces from older iPhone models in order to create the SE. This all makes sense, too, considering that the SE is much cheaper than the current iPhone 6 options.

Price and Other Details

The SE will cost $399 in the US, which is a lot lower than the current iPhone 6 models that reach well into the thousands. The $399 model comes with 16GB of storage. If you want something bigger the price rises to $499 for 64GB. Even though the 64GB version is more expensive, it’s still a lot less than the price of the iPhone 6 models.

Apple fans have had a positive reaction to the company’s newest iPhone release. Apple claims that the company listened to what users wanted out of a smaller phone when creating the new SE, and this seems pretty accurate considering the size and price of the new phone. The SE will launch in the states on March 31.

Worth It?

The question with any new phone when you’re considering an upgrade is whether or not the new phone that you are thinking of is worth it. If the SE were a lot more expensive, I’d probably advise against it. But if you have been hanging onto your iPhone 5 in the hopes of a smaller iPhone option that won’t break the bank, this might be a good choice for you.