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  • Is Your iPhone Really Secure?
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The U.S Government recently dropped the case it was building against Apple, Inc. The reason why this case was dropped is simple enough: the F.B.I figured out how to unlock the iPhone in question (if you aren’t familiar with this story, make sure to read back through this blog for more of these details).

The problem with the F.B.I’s unlocking success is that it may leave other iPhone vulnerable if the method that the F.B.I used is leaked.

Apple Reassures Its Public

Encryption holes (holes that allow others to hack into a device that should be secure) happen regularly within the technology world. Most of the time, these holes are quickly patched and the public never hears about these issues. In the Apple case, this is not entirely true. Since the case was so public, the way that the government found to hack into the aforementioned iPhone is rather public amongst tech circles as well.

This means that hackers have discovered the methods that the government used, and will likely be using the same methods to tap into iPhones. But Apple has publicly stated that the company will quickly patch the hole closing up any security gaps. Apple is fighting (and has been fighting) to make sure that its public knows Apple devices are secure and safe from hackers - no matter who those hackers might be.

Tough to Break Into

Apple devices are notoriously tough to hack into. This is something that the F.B.I discovered when trying to break into the phone mentioned above. Even though the F.B.I did find a workaround, it will still be very hard for most people to break into an iPhone. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to hack into an iPhone if you do not have the password or a fingerprint.

If you do want to get rid of an iPhone and do not want anyone to be able to hack into it, the best way to do so is to break the phone. Once an iPhone has been broken, it is really impossible for someone to hack into it. The F.B.I in this case has insisted that the method used to tap into the iPhone is secure and that this method will not leak. Apple insists that once anyone manages to figure out the technique that the F.B.I has used, the company will swiftly patch the hole.

Is Your iPhone Safe?

In a nutshell: yes. There are few devices out there that are safer than the iPhone. Keep in mind that it took the government and all of its resources many months to break into the iPhone that was in question. If you consider that the government has many different technical experts working within and for it, it’s easy to see just how secure Apple iPhones are.

You really don’t have to worry about someone hacking into your iPhone if you have an iPhone. In fact, most people aren’t interested in what you are saying or doing with your iPhone anyway. Remember that the phone in question belonged to a former terrorist, which is why the government put so much time and effort into trying to unlock the phone to begin with.