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  • iPhone Users More Likely to Invest in AAPL
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SigFig, a startup investment site, recently conducted a study to see if there was a correlation to the investors in certain technology companies and the phones they carried. Were Android investors (GOOG) more likely to purchase Android phones? Surprisingly, no. What about Blackberry users? Were they more likely to own RIM stock? Nope. Only Apple users appeared to invest in the technology they used each day, with 16% of them owning AAPL.

Data from Wikinvest's site was used to determine the numbers, matching up the OS of the phones of users investing there with their portfolios and looking inside to find a match. What they found proves the theory of Apple users being exclusive to the brand somewhat true.

Breaking down the numbers

After crunching the numbers, they found that if a person uses the iPhone or iPad, they are 20% more likely than the average person to own Apple. A little over 16% of the iOS users own AAPL, versus 12.8% of the entire population. When you look at the data of users of other phones, 8.2% of Android users and 6.5% of BlackBerry users own Apple.

However, only 4% of Android users own Google, and less than 1% of them own stock in Motorola. These figures, when compared with the entire population, display the opposite trend from Apple owners, with 5% Google ownership and .8% Motorola. So after looking at the numbers, you see that Android users invest 25% less often in the technology they use each day than the entire population. If you look at BlackBerry users, it gets even worse: less than 1% own RIM, and compared to all who own RIM, users are a whopping 50% less likely to invest.

Seeing as Google's stock has really improved as of late and Apple's has not, why does it appear that only Apple users stand behind their brand? First off, the data was quite limited with only $5 billion of Wikinvest's $20 billion investments being looked at. Another reason could be that after analyzing the data collected, Android users don't appear to invest at all in technology stocks. Just because they don't own Google doesn't mean they don't want to. They just may not want to invest in technology, a somewhat risky venture, and might own stock in an entirely different industry.

Whatever the reason, it's still rather interesting to see that Apple users, normally portrayed as technology snobs of sorts, come across the same way in the study.

About SigFig

SigFig, or Significant Figures, is an investment site aiming to make investing a little easier for everyone. The creators of the site were your average, everyday investors sick and tired with the state of affairs on Wall Street, knowing that there had to be a way to make investing a simpler process.

They offer portfolio analysis services complete with advice on any bad investments they see, help to reduce investment fees you may be paying by alerting you, how to make more educated investments with charts and graphs to visualize where your decisions might lead you, free apps for investing on the fly, and a dashboard showing you all of your investments across any and all accounts you hold all in one place, making it easier to see everything you're holding all at once.

About Wikinvest

Started in mid-2010, Wikinvest (owned by SigFig) was started for the same reason. The site follows data from over 65 different brokerages all in one place, and makes it ridiculously simple to figure out whether or not to invest in a certain market with articles pertaining to advances a certain company might be making and graphs showing where that company is headed.

You don't have to search “AAPL.” You can search a specific product or even idea by name and learn a bit more about its success (or lack thereof), helping you make educated decisions on investments without the technical mumbo jumbo that is usually present on other investment sites.