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  • Quelling the iPhone 3GS and IOS 5 Debate
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When Apple announced its plans for a new operating system, iPhone 3GS users panicked. There were rumors that IOS 5 would not work with iPhone 3GS. There were more rumors that the once expensive iPhone 3GS would soon become obsolete. The truth of the matter is that the iPhone 3 will work with IOS 5, and this is not a rumor.

Steve Jobs announced this week that iPhone 3GS users can upgrade to IOS 5 once the operating system is available this coming fall. That’s right – iPhone 3GS users can upgrade to IOS 5. In short, there’s nothing for iPhone 3GS users to panic about. Unless, of course, IOS 5 doesn’t play that well with iPhone 3GS.

The Curse of the Upgrade

Upgrades sound like a good idea. Most of the time, the word “upgrade” means fixing any old concerns with a new and shiny solution. Yet, as those who have upgraded know, sometimes upgrades don’t work so well with older programs, systems, and phones. Full of glitches and problems, and upgrade may make your beloved device slower, weak, and simply annoying to use.

Will this be the case with the iPhone 3GS IOS 5 upgrade? The iPhone 3GS simply doesn’t have the same processor as the iPhone 4. Presumably, this means that upgrading to IOS 5 will mean losing some key features. Of course, this is a mere presumption, and not founded on any real facts. It is possible that the 3GS will upgrade without any problems at all. Then again, why would anyone want to upgrade the 3GS?

Letting Go Of the 3GS

When it came out, the 3GS was (arguably) the best smartphone on the market. Now that the iPhone 4 is here (and the iPhone 5 isn’t too far away), the 3GS seems archaic. Yet, some people are still 3GS fans. After all, the 3GS can do most things that the iPhone 4 can do – albeit, the 3GS does those things slower.

Aside from pure love for the 3GS, why would anyone want to keep this outdated phone? Simply, most people have been looped into a lengthy contract that makes upgrading tough – not to mention expensive. If you are currently stuck with a 3GS contract, it may be worth it to wait until the iPhone 5 arrives before you pay the upgrading price. Sure, IOS 5 will work with the 3GS, but the price you’ll pay to upgrade may not be worth it.

What IOS 5 Is Not Compatible With

If you’re still hanging onto an iPhone 3G, it’s time to let go. The 3G will not be compatible with the new IOS 5. No upgrade will be available for 3G users. Again, waiting for the iPhone 5 to arrive may be the best option. Rumor has it that the iPhone 5 will be unveiled sometime this coming fall.

Interestingly, IOS 5 will run on the iPad Touch 3G. So, those who are infatuated with the iPad Touch 3G will happily be able to upgrade. It’s tough to let go of an Apple product, but rest assured that Apple will come up with something better in the near future.