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  • iPhone 4 Dispute Comes to An End
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Approximately two years ago, Apple had a major iPhone 4 problem on its hands. Essentially, static caused by friction between a user’s fingers and the phone’s antennae caused reception issues. These issues were so bothersome that many consumers demanded action from Apple and some went so far as to sue the company. At the time, Apple responded by offering free iPhone 4 cases to those consumers who did not have a case, since the addition of a case seemed to make the problem better.

When offering free cases proved not to be enough for most consumers, Apple entered a two-year battle that has just ended. Now, the battle has come to an end with Apple providing certain iPhone 4 users with a $15 settlement. But before you head to the nearest Apple store, there are a few things that you should know.

Qualifying For That $15

Apple isn’t going to provide all iPhone 4 users with $15 free dollars. If you want that money, you will have to have completed all troubleshooting steps provided on the Apple website, attempted to return your iPhone 4 without any additional costs, and you might have to prove that you currently have antennae and reception problems. If all of these things pertain to you, you can visit your local Apple store, demonstrate that your phone does have an issue, and get your $15. Just keep in mind that lots of people will probably be returning iPhone 4 phones, so you might have to wait awhile.

If you have an iPhone 4 that functions just fine, you have very little chance at getting any free money. Apple has made sure that anyone attempting to get a new phone or picking up some free cash isn’t compensated, which is why you must check off all the above stipulations before trying to return your phone or collect $15. The end of this dispute has taken a long time to come to a head, but now that Apple is willing to provide a small refund to consumers the antennaegate issue will be no more.

Was Apple Too Slow to React?

At the time of the first iPhone 4 complaint, Apple would have done well to issue refunds or send out a recall notice to phone owners right away. Now, two years later, the problem has finally been worked out, though many iPhone owners aren’t too impressed by Apple’s lack of a quick response. After all, Apple doesn’t have any shortage of funds and an iPhone that doesn’t work properly is really quite useless. At the time of the original complains, the late Steve Jobs addressed the public stating that Apple’s products are not perfect and that the company would give out free cases, though this offer seemed to be lacking all around.

If you have an iPhone 4 that experiences antennae and reception problems, are you angry that Apple took so long to react? Further, is the $15 settlement enough to appease your anger? I’m curious as to how this news is being taken, so let me know what you think!