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  • Careful With Your iPhone 6 - It Might Bend In Pocket!
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There’s a big problem with the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. As some people have found out, these phones bend when they are placed in a pocket, and it’s even possible to bend the phones via hand if you try hard enough. Obviously, Apple doesn’t want to put out a product that bends, but owners of the new phones have taken pictures of phones bending and becoming permanently warped.

Not a New Problem

The warping issue isn’t an entirely new one, though it is a first for Apple. Sony experienced the same issue with the Xperia Z1 that had a metal frame with a 5-inch screen. As it turns out, making a bigger phone that’s also thinner comes with some serious problems for those that buy the phone, and for the company that’s reputation will soon be tarnished thanks to this big oversight.

The reason why Apple hasn’t bothered to test the phone for fragility is somewhat perplexing too. It’s rare that companies put out such a new product without running it through all of the obvious and necessary tests, and testing to see whether or not a phone can be bent or broken seems to be one of the more important tests, but Apple seems to have missed the mark on this one.

Not So Durable

Twitter users started tweeting photos of bent iPhones around the same time that a warranty company called SquareTrade told the public that the new iPhone is “bigger and more durable than any phones before them.” Seemingly, SquareTrade did not test the new iPhones thoroughly before submitting test results and comments to press. Really, though, this is all a matter of science. The thinner and bigger the phone is, the more it’s going to bend. Testers have noted that the new iPhones bend most around the volume buttons, but some have also Tweeted photos of the phones bending near the center area.

Apple hasn’t yet commented on these claims, but the lesson seems to be clear enough: if you are going to buy a really thin phone that’s also wide, don’t put it in your pocket and sit down. While not practical at all (after all, the whole point of a thinner phone is that you can easily put it in your pocket, right?), that’s the rule that you’ll have to abide by if you are going to buy a new iPhone. It’s not likely that Apple will recall all of the iPhone 6 models in order to fix this issue, but that might happen in the near future, it’s hard to tell.

Be Careful With That Phone!

That’s the message that we’re likely to hear from Apple and other reviewers, but phones weren’t really meant to be handled with care. Most of us stuff our phones in pockets and in bags without a second thought, or buy a heavy-duty case like an Otterbox to protect phones from any kind of damage (take note, case manufacturers, this is a good selling point!).

If you are going to buy a new iPhone, be aware of this issue, and don’t place the phone in your pocket, front or back. Otherwise, you risk having a bent phone.