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  • The New iPhone 7: Speculations
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A new year means a new iPhone, and though Apple won’t release the next iPhone until the Fall, there are some strong rumours focused on what this iPhone will and won’t have. If you’re an iPhone fan, here’s what you might want to know - and speculate about.

Some Possibilities

Name: the new phone is expected to be called the iPhone 7. It would be interesting if Apple veered away from the numbers, but it doesn’t seem that rebranding the phones will happen this year. Some rumours, however, are stating that the new phone might be called the ‘iPhone PRO.’ We will see if this is the case.

Design: Apple is expected to release a phone that comes with a whole new and different design. What that design will be like is unknown, but the phone may not be the long and flat version that we’ve all become accustomed to.

Colors: in the past, Apple has created a cheaper phone that was available in different colors and phones that came in strange golds like rose gold. This time around, people are expecting the phone to be minimalist and sleek. Then again, some are expecting the phones to come in bright and vibrant metals or matte metallics.

Versions: it is largely understood that Apple will be releasing two phones in the Fall. One iPhone 7 and one iPhone 7 Plus (or Pro or whatever the company decides to call it).

Camera: it is said that the new phone will have a camera that does not stick out as much as the iPhone 6 cameras. Whether or not the new camera will be different or better remains to be seen, but I’m going to go ahead and guess that the new phone will come with a powerful camera as well.

Headphone Jack: some rumours are flying that Apple will get rid of the headphone jack that all of the iPhones currently have. This means that any headphone connection will be wireless or may come with a lightning port instead of a jack. Both options are possible. The removal of the headphone jack will make the phones thinner (which is another rumour).

Processor Power: the new iPhones are expected to have next-generation A10 processors. Those processors are developed by TSMC.

Apple’s Notes

So far, Apple hasn’t really commented on any of these rumours. While the company has stated (more or less) that a new iPhone will, indeed, come out this Fall, the details of that phone have not been released. Apple does not usually release these types of details until the phones are actually presented to the tech crowd during Apple’s annual conference that always happens during the Fall (usually September).

There have been some partial leaks that have surfaced on the Internet in the past few months. These leaks have shown various bits of the new phone and some photos that are presumably from Apple headquarters - however, leaks are just like rumours and may not be reliable. To really know what Apple is working on, you’ll have to stay tuned for the real announcement coming up in the Fall.