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  • Which iPod is right for you?
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Choosing an iPod can be an overwhelming experience now that there are so many different makes and models available at a variety of price points from $50 to $300. Instead of heading to the store and talking to a salesman who wants to simply sell you the most expensive iPod, write down what you want from your iPod and then select the iPod device that best suits your needs. Not sure which questions to ask? We’ll help you with the questions you should be asking and give you the answers to those questions.

I need a ton of space. What iPod holds the most data?

If you have a huge collection of songs, shows and movies then the iPod Classic would best suit your needs. The classic comes with a 160GB hard drive that can store up to 200 hours of video or 2,666 hours of music. The classic is for those iPod users that want something with a robust hard drive and not something with a “hip” look or the ability to use apps.

I need something for the Gym. Which iPod the lightest and easiest to use?

If you simply need a device that can play music and won’t be burdensome due to size or weight then you need an iPod Shuffle. The shuffle has a 2MB hard drive and is only .44 ounces (in comparison the classic is 4.9 and the iPod Touch is 3.58). The shuffle can be clipped to almost anything and is perfect for the person who wants an iPod that plays music and nothing else.

I want an iPod that looks cool. Which one has the most unique look and feel?

If you want an iPod that grabs the attention of others as you walk by then you need to decide between the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano. I’ve mentioned the Shuffle already and it comes in a bunch of vibrant colors like pink, blue, green and others. The Nano is a more sophisticated iPod (and more expensive) that allows you to take pictures and videos as well as play music with an 8GB or 16GB hard drive. The Nano also comes in a ton of great colors. The choice here comes down to whether or not you need photo and video capability and are willing to pay another $100 for it.

I want to surf the Internet and download apps with my iPod – which one do I choose?

If you want all the capabilities of the other iPod’s available and also need the ability to surf the internet and download applications – the iPod Touch is your only choice. The touch features wireless connectivity that lets you go online anywhere that Wi-Fi is available. It also lets you download apps from the iTunes app store and is 100% touch screen. The only other iPod that features a touch screen is the iPod Nano. While the iPod Touch obviously offers the most in terms of functionality, it is also the most expensive. The touch comes in 8GB, 32GB and 64GB and prices range from $229 to $399.