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  • iPod Nano vs. iPod Shuffle
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If you’re looking to buy an inexpensive iPod, the iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle are two of the most affordable models you can find. The iPod Shuffle is just $49, while the iPad Nano is $149 at the time of this article. Both sync with iTunes, allowing you to take your favorite songs with you and both are ultraportable, small enough to clip onto your clothing. But what does that extra $100 get you with the iPod Nano? And is it worth it? This review will focus on the key benefits of going with a sixth generation iPod Nano versus the fourth generation iPod Shuffle.

Multi-touch Display

This is the biggest difference you’ll see between the iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle. The iPod Shuffle doesn’t have a screen, therefore no real easy way to pick and choose your songs. Instead, the iPod Shuffle automatically syncs random songs from iTunes. A voice prompt tells you what’s playing over the earphones, and you can skip tracks or go back. The iPod Nano, on the other hand, gives you more control over what you play and when.

Four Times the Capacity

The lowest end iPod Shuffle is 2 GB, which holds about 300 to 400 songs. The lowest end iPod Nano has an 8 GB capacity, which holds about 1,200 to 1,600 songs.


The iPod Shuffle plays music, audiobooks and podcasts. The iPod Nano supports music, audiobooks, podcasts and photos. It also has a built-in FM radio, pedometer and support for Nike + iPod.


This is one area where the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle are nearly equal. They both come in white, gray, blue, green, orange and pink. The iPod Nano also comes in (PRODUCT) Red, which means part of your purchase goes towards benefiting AIDs relief in Africa.

Battery Life

The iPod Nano has a rated battery life of 24 hours during audio playback while the iPod Shuffle has a battery life of about 15 hours. Of course, your mileage with both will vary depending on your usage.


What is it that you want out of your iPod? Do you just want a convenient way to listen to music from your own personal collection? Or do you want a more comprehensive multimedia playback experience? For casual listeners, the iPod Shuffle suffices and saves you $100. But you’ll likely be making more trips to your computer for syncing, due to its smaller capacity. The iPod Nano may be a nice a touch for joggers, since it includes the Nike + iPod and pedometer, which lets you track your workout progress. You should know that neither device supports video playback, and neither device can run iOS or access the Apple App Store. If you want games, apps and web access from your iPod, go with an iPod Touch or iPhone.