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  • iPro Lens For Your iPhone
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A few iPhone lenses have popped up in the past. Most of these lenses were little more than heavy-duty rubber bands with strong magnifying glasses attached (or the likes thereof). While novelty, these lenses didn’t provide much in the way of professional photography. Yet, iPhone users tend to love snapping photos with these phones, and many professional photographers have made tagging and sharing Instagram photos with the iPhone community at large a profession, of sorts. So, what’s an avid iPhone loving photographer to do when attempting to capture a fisheye shot or see the world through a wide-angle lens?

Well, a company called Schneider Optics may have an answer to the iPhone photographer’s woes. Schneider Optics has created something called the iPro Lens System, and this set of lenses for the iPhone is bound to turn some creative heads. What’s so special about the iPro Lens System that iPhone photographers everywhere are bound to plunk down a lot of dollars for? Here’s what you can expect to find when this lens kit hits the market.


The Schneider Optics iPro Lens System includes (in package) a wide-angle lens, a fish-eye lens, lens covers, and a camera stand that also acts as a carrying case. Now, keep in mind that this lens kit has been developed for the iPhone, so what you’re really looking at are miniature lenses (you can’t use these with your current Nikon or Cannon). However, Schneider Optics has told press that the lenses included in the iPro Lens System are professional grade all around. That means that, were you to purchase this lens kit, you can snap the best photos you’ve ever taken with your iPhone.

Schneider Optics will also release a telephoto lens (the iPro Tele Lens) later this year. Those who have had a chance to test out the iPro Lens System have given the kit a favorable review. Certainly, those who use the iPhone as a go-to camera will find the iPro Lens System both user-friendly (the lenses snap onto an iPhone 4 or 4S quite easily) and efficient. Built from sturdy plastic (as are many top regularly-sized lenses), the iPro Lens System is a lot more than a glorified rubber band.

Availability and Pricing

If you’re like most avid iPhone photographers, you’ll want to get your hands on the new iPro Lens System as soon as possible. Guess what? There’s some good news: the iPro Lens System is currently available on the Schneider Optics website. Want some even better news? This lens system isn’t that expensive when you consider the fact that these are professional grade lenses. Schneider is selling the complete iPro Lens System for $199.

While this lens kit may not be for every iPhone user (and it’s bound to be the first of many iPhone lens kits that pop up), it is bound to be at the top of every iPhone photographer’s list.

Stay tuned for more news from Schneider Optics – the iPro Tele Lens is bound to be announced officially by the company within the next few months. While other companies have attempted to provide an iPhone lens system, it certainly looks like Schneider Optics will have this market cornered for awhile.