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  • Is A New MacBook On the Horizon?
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The MacBook is a great system all-around, which is why it’s the preferred laptop of writers, journalists, and anyone who needs a reliable system to work. It’s really tough to find any flaws with the MacBook and using one will really boost your efficiency, for some odd and true reason. But there is just one thing that’s tough to swallow about the current MacBook offerings: these laptops are mind-bendingly expensive. It can be tough to scrape together enough coin to purchase a MacBook as much as you want one.

So, what’s the broke writer, journalist, or other keyboard-enthusiast to do? Sell blood or get more gigs? Well, Apple might be coming up with a solution to that problem. Rumor has it that Apple will be releasing a new MacBook within the next year or so, and this one will only cost around $799 – far less than the $2000 MacBook Pro. Why would Apple drop MacBook prices after decades of pricing the prized laptops higher than all others on the market? It really comes down to competition, it seems.

Apple Faces Tough Competitors: Intel and Microsoft

As far as laptops go (I’m not talking phones or tablets here), Apple still has some stiff competition. Many other laptop manufacturers consistently sell more laptops than Apple does based on the simple fact that Apple laptops are just too expensive for the average consumer. So, it makes a great deal of sense that Apple would be looking to offer consumer a laptop that’s cheaper while also undercutting competition. The main competition that Apple seems to be worried about here comes from Intel.

Not too long ago, Intel announced that the company would try to slash prices on their laptops to around $699. This actually hasn’t happened yet and some think that Intel won’t really be able to chop prices that much. So, Apple is going to swoop in with a lower priced MacBook just in time to stop Intel from selling too many of their own laptop offerings. Apple might also be worried about the impending launch of Windows 8, which will likely provide some stiff competition for Apple.

Is A Hybrid MacBook Pro and Air Coming Soon?

Aside from the rumors that Apple will be lowering MacBook prices, there’s some speculation that Apple might be working on a MacBook Pro and Air hybrid. This new super-laptop would have all the guts of the Pro with the portability of the Air – a great notion. Of course, all of these things are just rumors right now (though they do come from reliable sources), so you’ll have to wait and see what Apple comes up with. Rest assured, though, Apple will be making some kind of move sooner rather than later.

If Apple does come out with a $799 laptop or a MacBook and Air combo, will you purchase either system? Some analysts say that a cheaper MacBook will sell while others are urging Apple to stick with higher prices and just put out that hybrid everyone’s been waiting for.