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  • Pay For What You Use Cell Plans: ItsOn
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Imagine signing up for email only cell service. Or, choosing a cell plan that only includes social network usage. Sound far-fetched? This concept is about to become very real. A startup called ItsOn is attempting to change the carrier/user relationship. This change starts with plans that customers actually want to pay for. ItsOn has received more than $15 million in funding, and is backed by companies like Verizon and Best Buy. Trust me, you want to know more.

The ItsOn Mandate

It isn’t hard to visualize a world where cell subscribers and carriers work together. A world where customers have control over what cell services are used. Services that can be paid for on a package basis – options that you’ll want to choose. For example, a carrier that signs on with ItsOn may offer customers and Facebook only wireless package. This package could then be offered at a flat fee per month. No hidden charges, data estimates, or worrying about running out of megabytes. A pay for what you want plan. A plan that makes sense.

Using the ItsOn app, consumers could pick and choose which cell services to purchase. These services could be changed using the app. The concept of paying per app or service is a new one to the cell market, but not so much to the entertainment industry as a whole. Numerous satellite and cable companies operate in a similar manner.

Why Carriers Will Bite

So, what’s in it for carriers and other companies? There’s a lot of room for advertising, for one.

If a company wanted to offer free minutes in exchange for advertising, that kind of swap is a possibility. Another incentive for carriers to sign on is consumer happiness. Most consumers will switch to a carrier that allows various options, and that, in return, will generate profit. It’s simple marketing, really. The carrier that provides the most options will gain the most customers.

ItsOn is also a great service for companies to use. Companies can provide employees with services that are needed to work. Individuals could then pay for other apps and services. Essentially, ItsOn will provide consumers with ultimate control over data plans.

ItsOn Availability

So far, ItsOn has only told press that the company will be working with a U.S. carrier next year. The company has already conducted a trial run in Europe with success. Will ItsOn work in the U.S.? Seemingly, options, less confusion, and control over data plans are all something U.S. consumers want. ItsOn will be the first company to provide these things to frustrated cell users. If you’re interesting in signing up for the ItsOn service, and you live in the United States, you can sign up on the ItsOn website.

When the company is ready to expand into the U.S, you will be notified. ItsOn will be a welcomed addition to the cellular world. With aging carrier plans that don’t benefit company or consumer, carriers that jump on the ItsOn wagon will soon see a rise in profits.