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  • Using iTunes Wireless Sync
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iTunes wireless sync is a beautiful thing. Without much effort at all, you can send all of that precious iPhone data directly to your iTunes account, so that all of your information is saved. You can also use the Cloud to store these details, but Apple only allows you to have a certain amount of free storage (after that, you have to pay for it). Even though iTunes sync has been around for some time now, I’ve noticed that many iPhone users don’t know how to use this feature. This is actually a shame, since iTunes sync can be lifesaving and is really easy to use.

If you have an iPhone and you aren’t sure how to use iTunes sync, it’s ok, you aren’t alone. You can also rest assured that these very simple instructions will help you use iTunes synch seamlessly, so you can take full advantage of everything that Apple has set up for its devoted fans.

A Few Simple Adjustments

The first thing you will need to do is access the “Settings” tab on your iPhone. There? Now, find the “Storage and Backup” option. Once there, turn the “iCloud Backup” option to “off.” Now, go back to the “Settings” option and find the “General” setting, and tap on it. From there, find the “iTunes Wi-Fi Sync” option. You should see a list of available Apple systems to select from. Choose the system that you want to sync your iPhone to.

Before you can sync, you have to make sure that you are using Wi-Fi, and that your phone is plugged in to an outlet. If those two things are in order, you can choose the “Sync Now” button. But, you don’t have to go through this process in order to sync your phone to iTunes. All you have to do is lock your phone and connect it to an electrical outlet. Every time that your phone is locked, it will automatically sync to the system you are connected with. See how easy that was? From this point on, everything that you save on your phone will be sent to iTunes, and you never have to worry about losing any details again.

Things iTunes Sync Will Save

When you wirelessly synch your iPhone to iTunes, you will be able to save your contacts, apps, app settings, call history, accounts, game settings, camera roll, network settings and a whole bunch of other stuff. iTunes sync will save almost everything you have on your iPhone with the exception of things that aren’t actually store on your device. For example, if you buy something through iTunes (like a movie), and you have deleted that purchase, the app that you purchased will not be available or saved. However, any app that you purchased that’s still on your phone will be saved. Basically, it has to exist on a physical device in order for iTunes to save a copy.

Backing up your iPhone information is vital, since your iPhone can crash, die, or break at any time. It also pays to note that the Apple store will not be able to back up any information for you if your phone does break, so you will have to backup everything prior to bringing your phone in for a repair or replacement. This backup information works with iOS 5.