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  • Sale! Movies on iTunes Reduced and Other Apple Deals
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If you use iTunes (and who doesn't, really?), now is the time to buy movies through iTunes. Apple has slashed prices on a ton of movies, and this sale is expected to last throughout the weekend. You can grab major deals on lots of favorites for a lot less than you would pay anywhere else - think of it as a virtual movie store sale.

If you check out your iTunes Store right now, you will see lots of bundles on sale. Just enter your iTunes password, download a bundle, and you'll have your new movie for life (if you back up a copy of that movie, that is). Apple introduced some additional sale items in other parts of the iTunes Store too.

Mac Deals

Going back to school? If you buy a Mac now, you will get a $100 gift card towards app purchases. That's not a bad deal if you are going to buy a Mac anyway, right? Not into a Mac? Apple has some other deals in store for you right now too.

iPad and iPhone Deals

If you're in the market for an iPad or iPhone, you can get a $50 gift card to spend on apps right now. If you need an iPhone or iPad for school, it's never bad to have an additional $50 to spend on other stuff! What else can you snag right now?

Other Free Details

Apple is also offering free shipping on any orders over $50, and you will also get free returns. That's not as spectacular as major discounts on movies or on an iPad, but it's a great way to kick off your school year. If you are in the market for an Apple product, you might want to test out that product before you order it online. There are lots of Apple stores out there with all the latest devices, so make sure to take a look.

Interesting Devices

While you're shopping for a Mac or an iPad, take a look at some of the other items in the Apple Store too. Apple has added a bunch of really interesting stuff (like a scale, lights, and other goodies) to the Apple Store. Most of this stuff is perfect for back to school, too, so why not shop online? You'll get free shipping and returns!

Apple hardly ever holds sales on major things like movies or devices, so take advantage of the offers that exist while they exist. Otherwise, you will miss your chance, and you won't be able to get in on a great Apple deal. Remember, to check out those cheap movie bundles, hit up the iTunes store. For great deals on other Apple items, the Apple Store is where you want to go.

Do you see an Apple deal that isn't mentioned here? Make sure to note it below. Also, Apple will likely be putting more items on sale as the new school year fast approaches, so take the time to keep looking back at this blog for updates.