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  • Almost Edible Japanese Android Phones
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There’s no doubt that the Japanese market is drastically different than the North American market. Yet, one has to wonder why Android phones offered throughout North America are on the boring side when those offered to the Japanese market are so much more creative. Are North Americans really so uptight that we can’t appreciate a phone that looks like a chocolate bar? Maybe; but it’s still nice to look at those Japanese Android phone offerings and hope (dream) that one day, our North American souls will enjoy some of the clever and creative designs that can be found throughout the Japanese smartphone market.

A recently lineup of “almost edible” Japanese Android phones was featured on the popular tech blog TechCrunch. One of these phones really does resemble food stuff, while some of the other phones are simply enjoyable to look at. If you’re into devious smartphone designs or something that’s just different than all of the other square Android offerings, you might want to see what you can do about snagging one of the following phones.

First, Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Unless you can’t stand the sweet stuff, you’ll appreciate the Q-pot.Phone SH-04D. This phone is, quite literally, shaped like a chocolate bar. Now, you might heard the term “candy bar” before in relation to a smartphone, but Japanese carrier NTT Docomo is taking that term to the next level. This phone includes small sections of 3D-esque chocolate squares and it even comes with various candy-like accessories (small gold-dipped chocolate keychain, anyone?).

NTT Docomo plans to unveil this phone just in time for Valentine’s Day, and there’s no doubt that it will be a bit hit – best of all, you can use this phone all you want, and you won’t gain any weight. This phone look so much like a chocolate bar, I’m surprised that NTT Docomo didn’t include a chocolate scent (something to think about, NTT folks?).

For the Disney Lover

Alright, this Japanese Android offering doesn’t resemble anything edible (well, that really depends on how much you love Disney, I suppose), but the DM012SH from Disney Mobile was really built for the serious Disney lover. These phones feature Disney themed cases (with all of your favorite characters, of course), and installed Disney apps, features, and a Disney-themed interface.

Coming to America?

There’s little hope of these amazing phones coming to North American any time soon, but it’s nice to dream (and even look at some of the Japanese offerings). However, if you live in Japan, you can scoop up one of these phones later this month (some are rolling out this summer too). If this reviewer lived in Japan, no average smartphone would be had.

While the market in North America isn’t quite as design-savvy as the market in Japan, it would be nice to see some more inventive smartphone designs hitting North American shelves. Would it kill North American carriers and smartphone manufacturers to add a bit of color to the current smartphone lineup? This reviewer thinks not.