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  • Jawbone Era: Best Hands-Free Option for Safe, Ticket-Free Driving
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Every year since the first Jawbone headset was launched in 2007, Aliph improves upon the design and quality. 2011 is no exception. The latest generation of Jawbone headsets is called Jawbone Era, and has once again blown its impressive predecessors out of the water. The Jawbone Era bluetooth headset is packed full of features, justifying its hefty $129.99 retail price, although it can be found for $99.99 elsewhere online.

Mobile phones have changed quite a lot about the way we communicate with one another. It seems that with the innovation of smart phones, the way we utilize the technology must also evolve. Despite all of the good mobile communication technology has brought us, there have been some unfortunate side effects. Multitasking is something that is becoming second nature in our modern society, but as we've all come to learn, driving and handling a mobile phone is a dangerous combination.

Law enforcement deemed the risk so severe, that it is now a finable offense to drive while operating a mobile phone. For some people, this information is enough to simply turn off their phones while driving. However, others rely on their commute to make time for conference calls and/or catch up with their loved ones during their busy schedules.

Fortunately, bluetooth technology has enabled drivers to talk with colleagues and loved ones safely and legally. The U.S. courts have determined that as long as both hands remain on the wheel and eyes on the road, it is safe to talk and drive at the same time.

There are many hands-free headsets to choose from with a wide range of price tags and features. The best option on the market, however, is the Aliph Jawbone Era. It comes in four different design options to suit personal tastes: Midnight, Silver Lining, Smokescreen and Shadowbox. Each design is different, but they all share the same measurements.

The Jawbone Eras are 1.77 inches long and 0.95 inch wide, with a slightly curved rectangular body. The design helps block wind and ambient sound. At the top of the headset is an easily accessible, bold, multifunction Talk button next to the Micro-USB charging jack. The earpiece is attached at the top of the headset, with the power switch and Voice Activity sensor underneath.

The Jawbone Era's most impressive feature is that it is the first bluetooth headset with an accelerometer. The accelerometer is motion sensing technology, which is built into the device, allowing users to answer calls by tapping the headset or shaking it. The audio quality is also among the top of its class.

In addition to accepting and rejecting calls, the headset also allows users to redial, voice-dial, and the ability to listen to music or turn-by-turn directions. MyTalk is also one of Jawbone Era's most attractive features. MyTalk is a Jawbone service that allows users to customize their headsets with cool features. Users can change the language defaults or tell the headset to dictate and send text messages or post tweets directly to Twitter.