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  • JBL’s New Lightning Speaker Docks
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Apple did something iPhone users didn’t like. The company released the new iPhone 5 with a Lightning connector. This connection prevents all current iPhone 5 users from connecting the iPhone to most speaker docks. Why? Because speaker manufacturers weren’t aware of the Lightning connector problem ahead of time.

Now that the iPhone 5 has been out for a few months, new docks that can connect to the iPhone 5 will begin to pop up. The first speaker dock that’s Lightning connector-compatible comes from JBL.

JBL’s new Lightning connector-compatible docks include the JBL OnBeat Venue LT, and the OnBeat Micro. Both of these speaker docks are compatible with most all new iOS devices including the iPhone 5, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPad Mini, and newest iPad.

If you have any of these devices and are missing your old dock, JBL has come to the rescue. For now, JBL is the only company offering Lightning speaker docks, but many more companies are bound to jump on the Lightning bandwagon before the holiday season. Here’s what you’ll find from JBL:

The JBL Venue LT -- $200

Are you familiar with JBL’s Venue speaker dock? Even if you aren’t the JBL Venue LT is essentially the same product. Only this one will work with your Lightning connector. The Venue LT can be connected to 8 device simultaneously, is Bluetooth ready, and has an interesting “movie” feature. JBL devised the Movie button to amplify sound, as if you were sitting in a movie theater.

The Venue LT also has a Lightning connector, which makes it possible to charge an iOS device while using the speaker system. Not only is the Venue LT compatible with Apple’s newest devices, this speaker dock also works with older devices, and is compatible with most other devices (according to the JBL press release). The JBL Venue LT is the most expensive of the two docks the company has just released.

The JBL OnBeat Micro -- $100

As you might have guessed from the name of this dock, the OnBeat Micro is much smaller than the Venue LT. This dock was created for portable usage. The OnBeat Micro doesn’t support wireless streaming, and won’t work with the new iPad. It does come with a USB port, though. The USB option is helpful if you want to charge other devices while using the Micro. According to JBL, the Micro has a five hour battery life.

While JBL is the first company to offer Lightning dock options, there are other companies manufacturing Lightning-compatible products (Belkin has just released a car adaptor). Sound-wise, both of JBL’s new docks are receiving positive reviews. JBL is a well-known company that has been manufacturing speakers for years, so there’s no need to worry about purchasing a sub-par product.

If you’re thinking about holiday gifts, JBL’s new Lightning docks are a good buy – especially if someone on your list has a new iOS device that doesn’t connect to any other dock on the market. Both JBL docks are now available through the JBL website.