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  • Harry Potter eBooks Are Here!
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Many months ago, J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore site was announced. Pottermore was meant to be the ultimate place for Harry Potter fans to congregate and to buy Harry Potter ebooks. Even though the idea behind Pottermore was a great one, little was heard about the Harry Potter ebooks for months following the initial announcement. Today, Harry Potter fans have something to celebrate: Harry Potter ebooks are now available through the Pottermore site. That’s right, the much anticipated Harry Potter ebooks are now available through the Pottermore site.

All seven of Rowling’s famed Harry Potter books can now be purchased exclusively through the Pottermore site. This mere mention of the Harry Potter name in conjunction with the availability of ebooks has caused quite a media frenzy this morning. While publishers and content sites of all kinds would love to get their hands on these soon to be best-selling ebooks, Rowling has rejected any deals to sell her ebooks anywhere other than Pottermore.

Languages and Availability

It’s rare that one series of books spans the globe, but this is exactly what Rowling managed to accomplish with the Harry Potter tales. Potter fans of all ages and from all places flocked to move theaters to see the books come to life, visited all kinds of book signings, and spend thousands of dollars on Potter goods. Now that the books are available in digital form (currently, the world’s most popular way to read), the Harry Potter fanaticism is sure to start once again.

If you live outside of North America, don’t despair. Rowling and Pottermore haven’t forgotten about those Harry Potter fans that speak a language other than English. The seven Harry Potter ebooks are available in British English and US English and will be available in German, French, Spanish, and Italian within the next few weeks. If you’re wondering why Rowling took so long to put out these ebooks, you can blame it on beta Pottermore users who largely took over the site and caused site overload.

Now that the new ebooks are finally here, it might take some patience purchasing a copy or visiting the site. You can view and download the books using an Amazon Kindle or any kind of EPUB tablet. Also, the Harry Potter ebooks are available in audio book format.

Pricing and Other Details

The audio books available on the Pottermore site are the most expensive starting at $29 per book. The first three books in the series are available for $11 and you can buy the whole series for $61.70 (a better deal than buying all books individually). You’ll find that Pottermore accepts most forms of payment (credit card types), and ordering the books should be quite painless once you visit the site. Right now, you can expect general mayhem over at Pottermore, but at least you don’t have to wait in any real lines in order to purchase these highly anticipated ebooks. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, saunter (or fly) on over to Pottermore to check out Rowling’s new ebook offerings.