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  • John McAfee's Solution to the NSA: A Curious Idea
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It's entirely possible that you've been using McAfee antivirus programs for a long time now. If you've purchased a PC any time in the past twenty years, you probably have McAfee by default.

But, how much do you know about the man behind the antivirus? John McAfee has an interesting past dotted with legal issues and questionable practices.

Some even compare him to the likes of Pynchon or Salinger. But, he's also come up with one of the most widely used antivirus programs in the world - and now he claims to have invented a way for people to avoid the NSA.

McAfee's D-Central Gadget

What has John McAffee created that will ward off the NSA? It's called the D-Central device, and it works like this:

This gadget creates a decentralized network that can't be accessed by governments.

The D-centralized gadget communicates with smartphones, gadgets, and laptops building tiny networks that can't be accessed by outside forces (or, the NSA).

The gadget will reach people within a three block radius. These people can communicate with one another while living in that secluded area. This will prevent the government from tapping into any of these smaller networks.

The Device

McAfee claims that the design is already completed, and now the eccentric millionaire is looking for people to help him develop the hardware. This device will sell for around $100, and McAfee is more than certain that it will sell. What is his target market?

If you think about the people that might want to work with a three block network, college kids may come to mind - and that's exactly who McAfee is targeting. Kids that want to keep information private from the government can purchase this device for $100. That's not a bad deal - if the government doesn't outlaw the device, that is. But, McAfee has told press that if the government does outlaw the device, he'll just sell it elsewhere.

To Recap

John McAfee's name might be on your annoying and frustrating antivirus program, but the man has nothing to do with the antivirus at this point - he's just collecting profits, so stop emailing him. The new device that McAfee has created aims to stop government surveillance one bit at a time. This device will block off three blocks of people, form tiny networks, and prevent the government from spying on those networks.

This idea is small right now, but it's bound to grow by leaps and bounds shortly. If all of this sounds kind of crazy to you, just think about the antivirus program that McAfee created. Sure, McAfee antivirus might be annoying at times, but the original product was great - which is why it was purchased and sold widely.

Can someone create a gadget that blocks out the NSA in the United States? I'm not certain how it will work out, but if anyone can create such a gadget it's John McAfee.

What are you thoughts on McAfee or the gadget? Is this a great idea or a completely crazy idea?