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  • Junglee: India’s New Amazon
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100 million Internet users – that’s a number that Amazon couldn’t resist. In India right now, millions of people are shopping online and Amazon wants a piece of that online shopping pie. Today, Amazon announced the creation of {{http://Junglee.com|Junglee.com }} – the Amazon site for consumers in India. Just like Amazon.com, Junglee.com offers 12 million products and 14,000 different brands (Indian and otherwise).
In addition, Junglee will come with nine million book purchase options.

Needless to say, Amazon went to town when creating Junglee, and consumers who currently live in India will find this new site both useful and effective. In fact, Amazon may be tapping a market that few other North American companies have attempted to take a crack at. Surprisingly, Amazon hasn’t breached the market in India before today. While many other companies have tried to hack into the India market, this hasn’t proved easy. However, Junglee may just have an advantage over the rest due to the Amazon fact.

Also Offered: The Kindle

There’s no doubt that the Kindle has taken off in North America. In fact, this device is one of the most popular devices on the current technology market. Now that Junglee is selling the Kindle device too, Amazon’s profits are bound to jump. As if the company wasn’t worth enough right now, anyone looking to invest in a solid company might want to take a peek at Amazon. Financial and market experts expect Indian to be one of the top ten markets by the year 2015.

Many emerging markets are, well, emerging these days and India is one of them without doubt. Amazon is right to pursue this market, since consumers in India are lacking an Amazon-type store. Currently, the giant online retailer only has one Indian competitor, and that competitor doesn’t have quite the amount of content that Amazon has (then again, who does?).

One Top Competitor

Flipkart.com is Amazon’s toughest competition in India. Flipkart.com sells books, various retail items, cell phones, and other gadgets. While Flipkart.com has done well in India up until now, it will be interesting to see how Amazon impacts this market. Of course, Flipkart.com can’t compete with Amazon when it comes to the Kindle – there’s only one Kindle and only one company offering that device (Amazon, of course). If there’s a demand for the Kindle in India (and I’m assuming that Amazon has done a fair amount of market research regarding this detail), Junglee will outsell Flipkart.com within weeks.

If you happen to live in India, let me know what you think of Junglee.com. Will this site outsell Flipkart.com or will Flipkart.com remain the main retail giant in the massive India market? If you’re interested in the goings on at Amazon, paying attention to how Amazon stock rises over the next few months (or drops, I suppose) will be an interesting study. Junglee.com launches today and the site is already listing many different items for sale including the beloved Kindle, though the Junglee.com site does look drastically different from the main Amazon site.