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  • JustUnfollow: A Useful App
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I know what the world needs! More apps! But, maybe there is room for one more. One more app that you may actually find yourself using. What magical app is that? It's called 'JustUnfollow,' and it does what you think it might do. To be more specific, this app is a friend management app designed to be used for Twitter and Instagram.

Friend management? That's right. This is an app that will help you manage those pesky friends. If you care about such things as who's followed or unfollowed you, inactive followers, and everything you ever wanted to know about your Twitter and Instagram base of friends, JustUnfollow might be the iOS or Android app for you.

The Purpose of JustUnfollow

Really, JustUnfollow works best for people running business oriented Twitter and Instagram accounts. If you are in the business of being social, this app is even more important. You can find out, you know, why people hate you, or how many of your ten-thousand friends aren't even using Twitter or Instagram.

JustUnfollow isn't really a new app, but it's one that didn't work so well before. The app has gone through some bug fixing, and now it's an app that's worth using. Most of the tools that are part of JustUnfollow are free. You can also unlock some of these tools by tweeting about the service (kind of annoying). There are also subscription-based services available.

Subscription Costs

There are two available plans through JustUnfollow. The first is $4.99 per year, and that will get you unlimited follows and unfollow information. You'll also get 10,000 black or white listed accounts. If you want more than that, the yearly cost is $24.99 per year.

At $24.99 per year, you will get everything you'd get with the cheaper plan, plus the ability to manage 5 twitter accounts. JustUnfollow also has a business plan. For businesses looking to use the app, the cost is $9.99 (starting), and that includes lots of different business tools plus customer support. Plans reach up into the hundreds, so it's a good idea to figure out what you might need if you want to use this app. But, is it worth it?

Is JustUnfollow Worth the Price?

So far, more than 30,000 people are paying to use this app, so it's definitely worth it for those people. Will you get a lot of use out of it? It depends on how closely you really want to monitor people you follow or follow you back. You do kind of have to be obsessed with followers, though, in order to get a lot of use out of this app.

For business owners that rely on social media to spread the word, JustUnfollow is an app worth using. For the average person, the free version of the app is probably fine. But, really, don't become too obsessed with who is and isn't following you. Most of the time, it's far from personal! Would you use this app? Do you care that much? Let me know in the comments below.