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  • Just-Eat May Expand GrubCanada.com
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GrubCanada.com was one of Canada’s first food delivery websites. This site allowed consumers to find area restaurants, order food, and have a meal delivered to a specific address. While this site never worked in Quebec, the rest of Canada did use GrubCanad.com regularly. Now, Just-Eat.com has acquired GrubCanada.com, and many hope that the Denmark-based company will expand GrubCanada’s offerings.

Just-Eat has been in business for some time now. After enjoying a large amount of success in England, Just-Eat has managed to swallow up all of its British competition. It seems that British consumers have taken a liking to Just-Eat, and Canadian consumers are now hoping that the food-based company will bring some of its glory to Canada. The acquisition has just recently taken place (at the time of this writing), so Just-Eat has not yet made any major changes.

The Acquisition

Just-Eat was originally founded in Denmark where an online food delivery service was a necessity (the company has since moved to London). Danish consumers often sought a way to order food online and have that food delivered. Instead of looking for menus and searching for websites, consumers can simply add an address or location into the site’s search bar, and any restaurant available in the area will show up within minutes.

Just-Eat claims that it has thousands of restaurants to select from, which is a great thing if you live in an area that Just-Eat has already scoped out. If you live in the sticks or in a more rural area, you might be out of luck. Then again, you can add a restaurant in your area to the Just-Eat site, and the company will, presumably, check out the restaurant for site consideration.

From there, order food is simple. Now that Just-Eat has used some $48-million dollars to acquire British competition, the Danish company has its sights set on Canada. After taking a quick peek at the existing GrubCanada.com website, it’s easy to see why a company such as Just-Eat would assume that the Canadian food delivery market can use a big boost.

Why Consumers like Just-Eat

When you order from Just-Eat, your food will be delivered in 40 to 60 minutes. This may seem like an average wait time, but Just-Eat provides consumers with something that other companies can’t. It is possible to look at an entire take-out menu just by using the Just-Eat site. Once an order has been placed, a confirmation notification will pop up. This notification includes the complete order, the cost of the food ordered, and a confirmation number.

The one drawback to Just-Eat as this reviewer sees it is that the site works mostly with large chains. So, if you want to order a Dominos pizza, you won’t have any issue. If you’re looking for that small Thai place down the street, you may not find this restaurant’s menu on the Just-Eat site.

However, Just-Eat seems to be ideal for any company looking to place a large order or someone seeking a catering service (available through the site). Just-Eat seems like a great idea, though only time will tell if the company’s acquisition of GrubCanada.com will pay off. Frankly, this Montreal resident would like to see the company expand into Quebec.