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  • Kainy: The Gamers Android App
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PC games are hard to beat, but the problem with a PC game is that you have to be at your computer in order to play. While PC gamers know that finding a computer to play on is hardly a difficult thing to do most of the time, it’s also a good idea to step out of that dark gaming cave and into the light occasionally. When you have to go grocery shopping or make a trip to the bank, why become completely disconnected from those games that you love?

Well, now you don’t have to leave your PC games behind when you travel anywhere – if you have an Android phone, that is. A new Android app called Kainy makes it possible to send any PC game that you currently have directly to your Android mobile or tablet device, and how cool is that? Not only does this app have a direct (and very useful) purpose, it’s also an app that works seamlessly and is really worth the download.

Setting Up the Kainy App

Once downloaded, setting up the Kainy app isn’t too complicated though you will have to go through a few steps first. The app will ask you to enter some network information that you should already have via PC. After plugging in those details, your Kainy app should be ready to roll. Don’t expect a lot of bells and whistles here though, this app is bare bones – just the way I like ‘˜em. While not flashy by any means, Kainy does serve its PC to Android purpose very well.

In fact, this app pulls anything that you have on your current desktop and places it on your Android device. So if you don’t have a game currently running, you can still see what your desktop activity looks like. In a sense, you can use this app to control your desktop items remotely. It is a bit hard to read text via the Kainy app (you’ll have to play around with this), but you can select from a number of templates and customize the whole experience. But the idea here is to have access to those PC games that you love without messing around with a bunch of other devices. As a simple app that allows you to transfer PC games to your Android device, Kainy works wonders.

Simple and Efficient

If you don’t expect too much going into this app – other than the fact that the app will let you play any PC game on your Android device – you will find Kainy immensely useful. As time goes by, this app might be perfected and those tiny minutiae might get a closer look by Kainy developers. Right now, the app functions just fine for playing games, though it could use some polish.

Kainy is a free app and can be found in the Android Marketplace right now. If you can’t live without those PC games (and your lifelong dream has been to travel without missing a gaming beat), Kainy is certainly worth messing around with. As stated, this app isn’t perfect, yet, but it is the only app of its kind and that makes it solid in this reviewer’s book.