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  • Khan Academy for iPad Helps You Learn More For Free!
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The Khan Academy has just released an iPad app that provides users to more than 2,000 educational videos for free. Not only is this app amazingly simple to use, but it’s also an app that has a higher, and better, purpose: to educate the world. Much in the same way that the Khan Academy website offers thousands of free educational and instructive videos, the Khan Academy app functions in the same manner. If you have just purchased an iPad or have an older one, you’ll want to check out this app (available now in the App Store). If you’re not familiar with Khan Academy, here’s a brief overview.

All About Khan Academy

The Khan Academy was built as free educational resource for anyone of any age. The Khan Academy website features thousands of educational videos that can be viewed by anyone at any time. Why create a site featuring thousands of free videos? The answer to this question is simple: to make the world smarter. Seemingly, the mission of those behind the Khan Academy is to offer free education for anyone who’s willing to learn. While a great initiated, free education is not a new idea – though it is one that has certainly been forgotten throughout the centuries.

Back in Ancient Greece (and in other ancient cultures), education was free for all and for anyone who wanted to listen. Somehow, along the way, our society got wrapped up in high tuition fees and learning became reserved only for those who could afford it. The Khan Academy is something that is available to all, and (as such) it’s a program that should be widely supported as much as possible. Educational videos range from grade school level to more complex videos, and subjects of all kinds are available through the Khan Academy website.

The Khan Academy App

Since the idea behind the Khan Academy is to provide a simple way for people to learn about any topic, the Khan Academy app is simple too. This app is easy to navigate, includes thousands of excellent and well-researched videos, and is available for free. Not only can children and teens benefit from some extra education, but adults seeking to further their education will also find out a lot about almost any topic under the sun through the Khan Academy iPad app.

If you’re wondering about a specific topic or you just want to brush up on what you learned when you were in school – this is a great app for parents who want to help their kids with complex homework too – the Khan Academy app (and website) are certainly worth a look. Keep in mind that the Khan Academy is a not-for-profit organization, so consider donating to this cause if you think that free educational videos are worth spending money on. No matter where you live or how old you are, keep in mind that it’s never too late to learn something new. Further, if you currently run a business of any kind, the Khan Academy probably offers a course or two that will help you become even better at what you do!