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  • Kickstarter Comes to Canada!
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Guess what, Canadian startups? You can finally take advantage of what Kickstarter has to offer. The popular crowdfunding platform is now available in Canada. Kickstarter for Canadians officially launches on September 9th, though startups can set up accounts right now. Got a great idea? Need crowd funding? Here's how to set up your Canadian startup account.

Steps to Create a Kickstarter Account

1Head to the Kickstarter main page.
2Find the 'Start a New Project' button.
3From the drop down list, choose 'Canada' as your location.

Canadian Kicstarter campaigns will act much the same way as their US counterparts with just a few differences. Here's what you need to know about those differences:

1'All or nothing rewards and funding can be created.

2Pledges will all be processed through third-party payment systems.

3Payment information must be entered directly through Kickstarter (secure).

4Different payment processing fees will apply. See specific payment information by checking out the Kickstarter terms.

5All Canadian funds will be listed in Canadian dollars.

Some Things to Remember

There is no specific Canadian Kickstarter site, so you must choose Canada as your country in order to set up a successful campaign. Kickstarter has chosen to set up Canadian projects alongside projects from the USA and the UK.

It has always been Kickstarter's goal to expand into other countries and territories. Now that Kickstarter has been asked by numerous Canadian startups to bring the platform to Canada, the service is officially open to Canadians. Why will it take one month to launch the service if Canadians can set up accounts now?

Why The Wait?

The answer is simple enough: Kickstarter wants to provide Canadian startups with enough time to get everything in order, and to get used to the platform. After that, it will be a free for all as Canadian companies gain funding from all over Canada and from backers in other countries. If you want to back a startup from Canada, by the way, you don't have to be Canadian - but know that all funds will be in Canadian dollars, so it may pay to check exchange rates first.

Kickstarter for Canadians is a big step in the right direction, since Canada is bursting with great startups. Now, those startups have a chance at funding from sources other than investors and banks. It's about time, Kickstarter!

Keep This In Mind

If you are trying to set up a Canadian company, now's the time to head to Kickstarter, create a video, and see if the world loves you. Just remember that crowdfunding rules still apply to Canadian Kickstarter campaigns, so it pays to read some information about setting up a Kickstarter campaign first.

Kickstarter's platform is simple enough to use, and new startups should find the site easy and straightforward. If you have a great idea, need funding, and are Canadian, there's no time like the present. Will you check out what the Kickstarter site has to offer if you are starting a Canadian business? Or, is it too late for Canada?