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  • The KidFit Band Tracks Your Child's Activities
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If you grew up during the 1980s or 1990s, you know all about slap bracelets. No idea what I’m talking about?

Slap bracelets are, literally, bracelets that you slap against your wrist in order to get the piece of jewelry to wrap around your wrist – they were really a lot of fun, and very popular with kids that did grow up in the eighties or nineties.

Well, slap bracelets are back. But, this time they are fitness slap bracelets.

X-Doria Fitness Bands

The KidFit Wristband is a slap bracelet and fitness band all rolled into one and targeted at kids. As you might have guessed, the KidFit bracelet keeps track of how much activity kids get. The only thing that a kid has to do is slap the bracelet on, and the tracker will start working. Kids (or parents) can also connect the KidFit bands to BlueTooth, since the device will work with the KidFit app (available for both iOS and Android).

The idea is that parents can set goals using the KidFit app, and kids get points as they move closer to those goals. Interestingly, this bracelet also keeps track of how many hours of sleep kids get each night, and parents can log into the app to see all of those numbers. If there’s more than one kid in the house with a KidFit band, parents can set up different accounts using one device and app.

Purpose and Availability

So, why would you want to put a fitness-tracking bracelet on your child? If your kid isn’t getting enough exercise, or you want to find out how much sleep a child gets per night, this bracelet might be one very easy way to track those details. The goals that parents can set via app are interesting as well, and the hope is that parents will work with kids (and maybe even doctors) to set realistic fitness goals.

If this sounds like a bracelet that you might want to purchase for your child, the KidFit bracelet comes in three colors including pink, yellow, black, and blue, so you’re bound to find a color that your kid loves. As far as price goes, these fitness trackers are more affordable than you may think (then again, how much can a company really charge for a kid-centered fitness band?). Right now, you can buy the fitness bands pre-sale for the price of $39.99. After August 15th, that price rises to $49.99.

You can read more about the slap fitness bracelets on the X-Doria website, and you can also pre-order the bracelets on that site. As fitness bands become more and more popular, toy manufacturers will likely start to develop more bands like the KidFit. The question will soon be which band to choose, and whether or not your kid needs to have his or her activities tracked.

What do you think about tracking kids with fitness bands? Is this a good or a bad idea? Would you buy one of these bands for your kids?