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  • Kindle Fire Update Coming Soon
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When a product (any product) first hits the market, there are bound to be things missing from that device. In Amazon’s case, the recently released Fire didn’t include some basic things, but Amazon is quickly seeing to rectify these issues. As it stands, the company is set to roll out an all new Fire update over the next few days. This update will be pushed to Kindle Fire devices, but you can also update your Fire by heading to the official Amazon Fire website (for those who are in a super rush).

What does the new update include? While Amazon has included some subtle changes, the newly updated Fire will please most Fire users. Some things to look forward to include the ability to share snippets of text, access to Shelfari, and a faster WiFi connection upon startup. These additions to the Fire are welcomed all-around and Amazon is doing a great job at listening to consumers.

Amazon Isn’t Waiting Around

The Fire isn’t completely perfect (some consumers would like to see a maps option and other features), but Amazon is perfecting the device as it goes along – something that other companies (like RIM) never bothered to do. The brains behind Amazon know that the Fire is currently, well, on Fire and in order to keep this device in the mind of consumers the Fire must include everything that fans want. Waiting to update the device would be suicide on Amazon’s part, which is why the company has acted so quickly to update the Fire.

As mentioned above, if you have a Fire you will see the new updates appear within the next few days. If you don’t want to wait, you can download the updates from the Amazon site. Either way, no shut downs or other complications have been reported yet and all seems to be going swimmingly as far as updates are concerned. Fire sales are still going strong and this still proves to be one of the best e-readers on the market – mostly due to Amazon’s unbeatable content.

Shelfari Explained

Just a few paragraphs ago I mentioned that the new Fire update includes access to Shelfari. This may have prompted you to scratch your head and think: “what is Shelfari?” Well, Amazon’s newly launched Shelfari is a kind of bookstore meets bookshelf meets social media space. In a way, Shelfari reminds me of GoodReader, though it’s exclusively for Amazon e-reader consumers. You can add books to your virtual Shelfari bookshelf, see what other people are reader, looks a reading lists, compare your books to other books, and communicate with other readers (did I mention that Shelfari reminds me of GoodReader?).

If you use a Fire or other Amazon e-book device, Shelfari might be a worthwhile experience. If that good old NY Times booklist doesn’t do it for you, looking up some books and comparing booklists on Shelfari might be the next best way to find out what’s new in the book world. If you wait a few days, Shelfari access will appear on your Amazon Fire or you can head to the Shelfari site right now to check it out.