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  • Kindle Touch Goes International
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One very annoying thing (depending on where you live) about any new device is that most new devices are offered solely within the United States. If you live in any other country, many device developers often wait to see how the device fairs within the United States prior to sending it abroad. Amazon followed this very same pattern when it came to the initial release of the Kindle Touch. While the Touch was revealed to North American markets, Europeans had to wait for Amazon to roll out a multi-language version.

Finally, that day has come and Amazon is about to make the Kindle Touch available in select European countries. Not only is the Touch now available in a variety of countries (see below for more details), but the European version of the Touch also comes with a few handy updates that weren’t part of the device before. What kinds of updates? First, the country details…

European Countries on Amazon’s Touch List

Simply put, the countries where the Amazon Touch will soon be sold include the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy (in addition to the U.S. and Canada). Along with the upcoming release of the European Amazon Touch are a number of supported languages including Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, UK English, Spanish, German, and French. So when can you buy a Touch if you live in Europe? Amazon has announced that the Touch will go on sale in Europe on April 27th (not too far away!).

As mentioned above, the European version of the Touch will not only include language support but also a few key features that are worth noting. Amazon has added an English translation feature that allows users to “read” anything in English using the feature and that text will be translated into any of the aforementioned languages. It will also be possible to use various social networks (Facebook and Twitter) in conjunction with the Touch, which is a nice, well, touch. Translating one single word or passage will also be possible with the new Touch OS update.

Updates For All Touch Owners

Amazon announced news about the updates listed above in conjunction with news about the European Touch, but the new OS updates are available to all. In fact, if you currently own a Touch, you can go to the Amazon website and download the new OS updates right now. These updates really are worth checking out, and you won’t want to miss this download opportunity. If you don’t care about updating right now, there’s no doubt that Amazon will update all Touch devices via WiFi within the next few weeks.

The big news here is that the Amazon Touch is finally available in a handful of European countries, but the fact that Amazon has added some updates is nice news too. If you live in any of the European countries listed above and you’ve been wanting a Touch, keep your eyes on the Amazon site on April 27th, so that you can snag your very own Amazon Touch.