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  • How to Make Full Use of the Kindle Fire
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The original Kindle was designed only for reading eBooks. Now, however, Amazon has expanded their brand to be more like a tablet. The new Kindle Fire HD offers you books, magazines, the internet, movies and much more. It is an entertainment device and one that stands up against the likes of the iPad or the Galaxy Tab. If you are a recent owner of the Kindle Fire then you are likely enjoying all it has to offer. This guide will help you get the most out of your new purchase and teach you some tricks that you might not know.
It is well established that the Kindle does eBooks, but did you know that it can also offer magazines, newspapers and comics? What was considered a dying industry could find a new lease of life on devices like the Kindle Fire. You can subscribe to magazines and papers using the Kindle Newsstand, meaning that you can get your favourite publications directly in your hand as soon as they are available. No more bringing along a stack of newspapers for a long journey – they are all there for you on the Kindle Fire.
The Kindle Fire has a high definition screen, so it makes sense to make good use of it by watching movies and TV shows. You can get apps like Hulu and Netflix on the Kindle Fire, so if you have subscriptions to those services then make sure to download them in order to get your content at no extra charge. If you don’t have Hulu or Netflix then you might want to consider Amazon Prime. This costs $79 for the year and will give you access to all of Amazon’s streaming catalogue for free (along with a free book rental per month and free two-day shipping throughout Amazon). Of course, you can still pay for each item individually if you want, with rentals starting at $2.99, but if you are making good use of the service then consider the annual membership.
Also, something to bear in mind is that the Kindle Fire HD is capable of outputting videos to your TV. All you need is a micro HDMI to HDMI cable, meaning that you can watch a film on the commute home and finish it off on the big screen when you get back.
The Kindle Fire is at one with the Amazon Cloud service. This means that things you have stored in your cloud account, like music you have purchased through Amazon, will be automatically synced to your device. This also rings true for things like documents and movies. If you don’t have an Amazon Cloud account then you can sign up for one for free with 5 GB of storage (or pay $10 a year for 20 GB).
Finally, don’t forget that your Kindle Fire is capable of running more than just Amazon apps. There are a whole host of apps out there that you can download from the store. Things like Angry Birds, Facebook and Minecraft are all available for your device.