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  • Kingston Wi-Drive: All You Need
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Looking for extra storage space for your mobile device with the added bonus of channeling Internet access from a Wi-Fi network to up to three connected devices? Check out the Kingston Wi-Drive.

Bringing you up to 128GB of space and a compact size and featuring a built-in Wireless-N access point, it's like a jacked up USB portable drive. Although it works well, you'll need to review your storage requirements to assure it will be enough for your needs.

Specs and Features

The Wi-Drive is an SSD-based portable drive with USB 2.0 connectors (if you need USB 3.0, look elsewhere.) At only 4.78 x 2.43 x .4 inches, it is extremely compact (actually, one of the most compact on the market today), weighing in at only 0.25 pounds. This makes it ideal for traveling, as it's comparable in size to that of the iPhone 3GS.

It supports iOS, Mac OS 10.5 or later, Linux v.2.6 or later, Android, and Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, and 7), and comes with the Wi-Drive app right out of the box for both Android and iOS.

Built in to the Wi-Drive is a Wireless-N access point and internal battery, making it the first drive that can connect to another Wi-Fi network. This gives any connected devices the ability to connect to the Internet without the need to switch the network. Three LED lights sit at the top of the drive, and you can only see them when they are lit up. The lights show you the status of Wi-Fi network, Internet connection, and data activity. The power button is located on the side, and you must hold the button down for a few seconds in order to power it up. Charge it using the mini-USB port and your computer, and if you can't charge it that way for any reason, you can use the included power adapter.


Connect up to three clients to the Wi-Drive. Any clients are able to connect and get to the data stored there in their Web browser, but it's easier to use the app to view content stored on the drive. Just copy files onto the drive using your computer, and the Wi-Drive app will then organize the content that streamable into categories like Music, Video, and Photos. Browsing is done by folders. It's simple, and easy to understand.

Use the app to customize the settings of the Wi-Drive: change the network name, update firmware, and choose other Wi-Fi networks to connect to. Note: the drive is formatted using FAT 32, so files bigger than 4GB won't work. If you reformat to NTFS (which you can do), it will not be Mac-compatible.

Additional Information

This makes a wonderful storage extender, and offers excellent range in terms of Wi-Fi. You can even listen to music in the background stored on the Wi-Drive while using the drive in other ways at the same time.

Battery life is a problem: it lasted only 2.5 hours when continuously streaming data in Cnet testing. With its size, however, the reviewer expected this.

It's an excellent drive for those who frequently travel. Pick one up for about $175.00.