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  • The Kinsa Smart Thermometer
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Thermometers haven't changed much over the past few decades. At one point, the average thermometer was made from mercury. When it was discovered that mercury wasn't the best substance to stick in someone's mouth, thermometers morphed into the plastic sticks that we have today. A few ear thermometers can also be found in some pharmacies.

But, I'm betting you've never heard of an iPhone thermometer. Am I right? Well, now there's one that you can purchase. The Kinsa Smart Thermometer will take your temperature -- and this thermometer will also call a doctor if you need one. Here's why this idea is a brilliant one.

This Could Be a Lifesaver

If you live with someone else, you probably don't worry too much about colds, flus, and other ailments. If you live on your own, sicknesses that cause your body temperature to soar can mean a lot of dangerous things. For one, you might not have the strength to bring yourself to a hospital or call a doctor. With the Kinsa Smart Thermometer, you can let your phone do all the calling for you.

While not perfect (there are some shortcomings here), the Kinsa Thermometer not only takes your temperature and can call a doctor if needed, but this thermometer also lets you know how to lower your temperature, and what you might do to make yourself feel better. All of this is done through your iPhone headphone jack.

How the Device Works

The thermometer looks like any other thermometer, but it doesn't have a display or any other information directly on the device. Instead, all health and temperature details are shown on-screen, and this makes it really simple to tell what's happening with your body.

The Kinsa app also includes some information about any local illnesses or diseases that have been circulating, so you can find out what's going on right away. You can also set up a user account and monitor your temperature every day (if you are the obsessive kind). Really, the Kinsa thermometer is a great idea wrapped in a small package.

Pricing and Availability

The Kinsa Thermometer is currently available through the Indiegogo crowdfunding website. This site features all kinds of crowd funded projects, and Kinsa happens to be one. For just $25, you can have your own Kinsa thermometer and the app that comes with it. Plus, you will be donating $25 to help the company get started.

You do have to use an iPhone with the Kinsa thermometer, so make sure that you have one first (no Android availability yet). If you have an elderly parent or you live by yourself, the Kinsa thermometer is a great way to ensure safety and healthy in the event of a serious illness.

Best of all, at $25, this app and device are entirely affordable. Know someone who could use a thermometer like this one? Pledge a few dollars today, and help to make someone's life much safer. To find the campaign, head to Indiegogo and search for 'Kinsa Thermometer.'