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  • Klout Now Includes YouTube
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Klout is a funny thing. Dictionaries across the world define “clout” as “influence; pull.” In social media terms, Klout is a measure of social media success and impact. Technically, Klout is a social media measurement company that scores social media users based upon influence and topic knowledge. There are lots of ways to raise one’s Klout score, though gaining a high score takes time and patience. Klout tallies up a user’s score according to Klout measurement tools.

While the Klout tool alone decides how much social influence a person has, many people are concerned and somewhat obsessed with this score. For most social media users, obtaining a high level of Klout is a worthwhile goal. But, this is not always an easy feat. In addition to becoming an important part of one’s Twitter or Facebook group, Klout also includes one’s LinkedIn influence. Now, Klout has added YouTube to the mix.

What YouTube Can Do for Your Klout Score

Companies and individuals who create YouTube videos are being watched by Klout. Those who create popular videos are sure to earn high Klout scores. Those who simply participate in YouTube commenting or discussions may gain a few Klout points.

If you’re without YouTube, you can still gain Klout points with your LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook accounts, you just won’t gain as many points as you would if you had a YouTube account too. If Klout matters to you, head to your nearest YouTube page, power up your camera, and get ready to make a catchy video.

Klout’s Climb

Although it’s hard to ignore one’s Klout score when using Twitter, Klout never gained as much attention as it has lately. Recently, Klout began partnering up with some interesting companies including the Euro-hit Spotify. These companies offered a way for Klout to entice users with certain incentives.

One of the first incentives was to offer those influential Klout members a free Spotify account. This caused many people to pay more attention to their Klout scores. Now, Klout is aiming to team up with more partners like Spotify. These incentives have social media users paying close attention to their individual Klout scores.

The Future of Klout

Klout has announced that the company plans to add Google Plus to Klout scoring. So, those of you who have not signed up for G+ yet may want to jump on the Google bandwagon. Right now, there are lots of ways to gain more Klout. You can start conversing on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, ask people to give you +K, sign up for a YouTube account, or see what’s happening with the new Google Plus.

If Klout concerns you, there are lots of ways to raise your score. Klout scores on a scale from 1-100, and anywhere in the middle is socially acceptable. Oh, there’s one more way to gain more Klout: give someone else +K, and you’ll likely be given a few points in return. While Klout may seem meaningless, you never know who Klout’s next partner may be.