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  • Michael Kors Smartwatches: Android Based and Big
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The sometimes gaudy fashion house of Michael Kors has recently released a smartwatch - well, two smartwatches, actually. Both of these watches run on Android and are relatively the same as the many other Android Wear watches that exist on the market already.

The main difference is the brand (that tends to sell fast and furiously) and the style of watch.

Fashion Smartwatches

Kors released two Android-based smartwatches this past week. The first is called the Dylan and it’s somewhat sporty. The other watch is called the Bradshaw, and that watch is a bit daintier (but not much since it’s Michael Kors). The Bradshaw is targeted for women while the Dylan is aimed at men.

So why would you want a Kors smartwatch? What makes these watches different from other Android smartwatches on the market? It all comes down to the name and the design (Michael Kors is a designer first, after all). Both of these watches have interchangeable watch faces, which is what the brand is banking on.

Style and Substance

There’s nothing wrong with Android smartwatches. In fact, many of the Android smartwatch options on the market are useful and popular. But Kors hasn’t really added anything to the conversation other than a different and stylish design. Since they are Kors watches they are also heavier than other Android options (to keep in line with what Kors offers).

As mentioned, these watches also have interchangeable faces, so you can change the look of your watch if you don’t like the way it looks out of the box. If you’re looking for a watch that’s the best of what Android smartwatches have to offer, though, you might want to look at something a bit cheaper. On the inside, the Michael Kors smartwatches are pretty much the same as what Fossil offers.

More for Your Dollar

Maybe not more, but you’ll get the same for your dollar if you purchase a Fossil Android-based smartwatch instead of the Kors options mentioned above. Inside of the Kors watches are a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 processor, speakers, color touchscreen, activity tracking options, and other smartwatch necessities. This watch does not come with a heartrate monitor, though.

The Kors smartwatches are probably not what you’d want if you want a smartwatch for the purpose of an active watch (or a watch to wear while you workout). The main reason for that is that these watches do not have a heart rate monitor, which is kind of essential if you are serious about your workouts. The other reason is that these watches are big and heavy.

Bigger Maybe Not Better

Almost all Michael Kors watches are large and heavy with big faces. These two smartwatches keep in line with that design, which is fine if you just want to show off your Kors smartwatch. If you don’t like large and heavy watches or want a watch to do activities with, this is probably not the best option.

If you’re a Kors fan you can check out the smartwatches on the Kors website or where Kors products are sold.