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  • Label Making Software Review
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Organization is the key to successfully completing projects on time. However, becoming organized can be a pain. In order to organize anything, you will have to create labels. The problem with handmade labels is that these organizational tools are often time consuming and uninspiring.

If you really want to separate different items or folders, label making software will get the job done quickly. You’ll also be able to create different colored labels and even labels with unique icons and fonts with label making software. At the time of this writing, you can purchase this type of software for less than $40.

ArcSoft CD&DVD LabelMaker -- $29+

ArcSoft has been a trusted name in home software for many years. Now, this company is developing some stellar label making software. The biggest reason why ArcSoft CD&DVD LabelMaker is so popular has to do with its interface. Unlike various other programs, ArcSoft has created a program that’s easily navigable. You will also find this program’s array of tools useful and fun. The one drawback to this program is that you can only create labels to place on CDs and DVDs with this program. If, however, you want to organize your DVD collection or sort out your CDs, this program will have all of those necessary bases covered.

Office Printer -- $15+

Office Printer is a great tool for many reasons. One of those reasons is that Office Printer only retails for around $15 (at the time of this writing). While it’s not realistic to expect the same template set from Office Printer that comes with a $40 program, this program does deliver a lot of quality options. Office Printer’s interface is simple, and you’ll be making labels in no time with this program’s prepared templates. While Office Printer doesn’t offer you a help website or a direct help line that you can call, this program does offer you good quality at a very low price.

Sure Thing -- $30+

With a name like “Sure Thing,” this program was designed to deliver. Sure Thing’s biggest selling point is that this program includes more than 5,000 different templates. With this many templates, you’ll never have to create the same label twice. You’ll also love the fact that this program is uncomplicated. Within mere minutes, you will be creating CD and DVD labels that look entirely professional. If you aren’t looking to create a DVD or CD label, you can still use Sure Thing. Only, this program was originally designed for DVD and CD usage, so the template set for other labels is a bit on the small side.

Label Maker Pro -- $50+

Label Maker Pro is one of the most expensive label making programs on the market. Label Maker Pro was also one of the first label making programs available to consumers. If you aren’t in the market for a DVD or CD label making program, Label Maker Pro is the way to go.

This program won’t create DVD or CD labels, but it does come with a myriad of templates and designs that will help you create other labels. While most of the label making software out there was designed for people who want to create DVD and CD templates, Label Maker Pro sets itself apart by being a truly versatile label maker. The one drawback to this program is its price, which some may not find justifiable.