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  • LaCie Thunderbolt: Rugged Storage in an Orange Case
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The words “rugged” and “stylish” don’t usually go together. This is especially true when referring to a storage drive. Yet, the LaCie Thunderbolt manages to combine both design and toughness in one compact drive. The Thunderbolt was created for travelers. For the business class or jet set who need extra storage when traveling.

Since travel doesn’t always go smoothly, the Thunderbolt comes with an extra tough case – an extra tough orange case. Surrounded by rubber siding and ready to be tossed in the overhead luggage compartment, the LaCie Thunderbolt is a traveler’s dream at $185 (starting). In addition to being a tough drive, the Thunderbolt also offers some enviable features. If you’re in the market for an ultra-portable drive that stands out from all the rest, here’s what the LaCie Thunderbolt has to offer.

Smooth Connectivity

Portability is key with the LaCie Thunderbolt -- so key that this drive doesn’t need a power source. The Thunderbolt connects directly to a Firewire or USB port. When connected, and tested, the Thunderbolt worked flawlessly. Firewire tends to be faster than USB, but bother connections work well. Needless to say, being about to connect via USB or Firewire makes using this drive a lot easier. Eliminating the need for a power source definitely makes the Thunderbolt simpler to carry while traveling. Transferring files with the Thunderbolt is seamless too.

Transferring Files Using the Thunderbolt

This drive is not only eye-catching, it’s also fast. File transfer speed depends on the type of connection available. But with a Firewire or USB option, files tend to transfer rapidly. What’s particularly great about the Thunderbolt is that this drive doesn’t slow down over time. This is one drive that just keeps on ticking, no matter what you need to store or transfer. It’s also worth pointing out that underneath the Thunderbolt’s rubber exterior is an all-aluminum casing. The Thunderbolt also comes with top-notch encryption.

Security Level: High

Most drives in the Thunderbolt’s price range don’t come with 256-bit encryption. The Thunderbolt does. Thus, traveling with secure files and transferring secure files is as safe as safe can be. The LaCie Thunderbolt has a 1 TB capacity, so it’s more than capable of holding all of your video, audio, and other files. With fast connection options, no need for a power source, and a rugged casing, it’s really hard to beat the LaCie if this is the kind of drive you need.

Who This Drive Is For

The LaCie Thunderbolt was built for travelers. But, anyone who’s searching for a rugged drive that can also hold a lot of data will enjoy the Thunderbolt. This shock-resistant drive is available at a number of online retailers or through LaCie directly. Pricing may vary according to location and drive size, though the average price of this drive is around $185 as mentioned above. The Thunderbolt is also light at 9.0 ounces, so lugging this drive around isn’t a chore. If you travel a lot and need a drive that travels with you, the LaCie Thunderbolt is a great choice.