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  • Laptop Battery Life Comparison
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Laptops are useful tools ideal for both work and play. The one drawback to most laptops is a short battery life. A laptop that can’t stay unplugged for a long period of time defeats the point of a portable computer. Throughout the years, various manufacturers have attempted to fix this problem in a number of ways. As a result, many of today’s laptops come with batteries that last a decent amount of time. Laptops with extended batteries can be purchased for $500 to more than $1,000.
Note: All prices listed in this document were accurate at the time of this writing.

Apple MacBook Pro Spring 2010 -- $1,199

Year after year, Apple has been increasing laptop battery life. The year 2010 proves to be no exception. The Apple MacBook Pro Spring 2010 has a battery life of four hours and (approximately) nineteen minutes. This is in stark contrast to other laptops that have a two hour battery life. In addition to a long lasting battery, the MacBook Pro Spring includes Nividia graphics. The main drawback to the MacBook Pro Spring is the processor. While Apple could have incorporated an i3 processor, this laptop only includes a Core 2 Duo processor. Still, for users looking for a standard laptop with a long battery life, the MacBook Pro Spring is a wise choice.

13-Inch Toshiba Satellite -- $649.99

The 13-inch Toshiba Satellite boasts a battery that lasts for 359 minutes. Compared to other laptops in Satellite’s price range, 359 minutes is a fairly impressive battery life. While the Satellite is not an ideal gaming or graphics notebook, it does present some appeal options to users. With its 13-inch compact screen, the Satellite is ultra-light. In addition, newer Satellite models include an AMD Turion Neo X2 processor.
Main drawbacks of the 13-inch Toshiba Satellite include a keyboard and touch pad that heat up when used to too long, and speakers that are sub-par. Otherwise, the Toshiba Satellite has excellent battery life, and it is a great bargain for the price.

Gateway EC5809u -- $500+

The Gateway EC5809u is 15-inch screen with a battery that lasts 343 minutes. This laptop also includes an optical drive. The EC5809u is also lightweight and relatively thin. In order to extend battery life, Gateway placed a Core 2 Duo processor inside of the EC5809u. While find for everyday browsing and office work, the Core 2 Duo process isn’t as impressive as other laptop processors on the market. Still, the price of this Gateway, coupled with an extended battery life, makes it an ideal laptop for travelers and students.

HP Pavilion dv4-2165dx -- $729

For a midsize laptop the HP Pavilion has an impressive battery life. Lasting 334 minutes, this laptop makes the ideal work tool. Since the HP Pavilion dv4-2165dx has an extended-life battery pack, this laptop is heavier and thicker than other computers in its range. However, consumers looking to unplug for awhile will enjoy HP’s long-lasting life. This HP laptop also comes with a Core i3 processor and a 4GB memory. For users looking for a reliable work tool will last for more than two hours, the HP Pavilion dv4-2165dx is a great all-around laptop.